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Monday, April 21, 2014

Suite Dreams

We stage a lot of homes and one of the big questions we get from clients is how to make the perfect bed.  when you present your home for sale, you really want to present it in it's best light and let the buyer believe that this is their dream home.  Kitchens and bathrooms are hot spots that buyers like to see updated but the bedroom, especially the ensuite is another area that you can really sett he scene of the perfect dream home.

Calming colours are really your best option.  Most buyers will want a soothing and tranquil room to relax at night. 

 Would love to do the wall moulding in our bedroom! Calming Bedroom - wall moulding

Clear out the clutter.  That means surface space and the closet.  I know we all have too much stuff but clutter is a stress point so organize that closet as best you can.  check out closet organizing systems of solutions for easy ideas.


Less is always more but do not 'neuter' the space.  If you have a larger room show that off with a proper size bed and a storage piece like a dresser is fine and a chair - as long as there is still room to move.
 I like how bench and sofa define the hallway space. Could maybe do something like this is our awkward space in the bedroom. Also like the calm vibe and colors. Might want an accent color

Make your bed.  No one wants to see an unmade bed it just looks messy.  so always make that bed, this video for tips of making the perfect bed.  Think hotel chic! - EverRouge Serenty 7pc cotton duvet set - Beautifully designed with a sweeping, abstract pattern, this duvet bed set works well with contemporary bedrooms. Made from cotton, this soft, plush bedding ensemble featuring a 300 thread count will surround you with warmth and comfort. $117.99

Let the light in!  So pull the drapes back and make sure your light bulbs are in working order.

draped in linen and silk the softening affect on the drastic edges of these gorgeous windows - magical

Add some touches that will make an impression on the buyer.  Some romantic candles by the soaker tub, so rolled or folded towels in the ensuite bath or a beautiful floral arrangement in the master bedroom can really help buyers visualize how they want to live in the space.

Soap - For an apothecary display in a bathroom, nothing beats a collection of beautiful soaps. Choose natural-colored soaps in the same hue, instead of in a color that matches your room. Find wonderful guest soaps at discount home stores, or use drugstore bargains, such as Aveeno or Ivory. Better yet, purchase monogrammed soaps to add a personal element to the display.

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