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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Home Decor Ideas: How to Decorate with Velvet

So if you pay close attention to fashion you have probably noticed the influence of the 90's (chokers, brown lipstick and baby doll dresses just to name a few of the styles that have bounced back into trend). 

Well like fashion from the runways we definitely see the influence of women's fashion translate into our homes.  One of the trends you will be seeing this coming year (but we are already seeing it in some stores) is VELVET! Yes, that's right Velvet.  The luxurious fabric that you just have to touch when you see it.  In the 90's we saw a lot of velvet jackets, skirts, tops and dresses and this year we will see it in home fashion.

If you are a follower of fashion and you love to be on trend - this is definitely for you!  Here are some ways to bring velvet into your home decor.

1.  Throw Pillows - this is an easy way to bring this trend into your space without spending a fortune.  The touchable fabric adds a bit of luxury to a space but also visual interest.  We always suggest mixing textures to give your space a sophisticated and designer look.  The great news is when it comes to velvet, the colour choices are truly endless.  Find a pillow or two in velvet in a colour that coordinates with your existing scheme.  We love to see oversized pillows (think 20x20) in velvet for the living room or bedroom. A solid colour velvet pillow can really add to a space. 

Living room with gray armchairs, velvet throw pillows, and a patterned area rug:

2. Throw blanket - again another easy nod to the trend that won't cost you a ton.  Like the throw pillow, choose a colour that will work with your current room palette.  The texture of this throw will really add a new level of sophistication to the space.

The main floor's living area was designed to be able to host everything from dinner parties to children's play dates, and it features floor-to-ceiling windows, sliding doors, and plenty of space....:

 3. Ottoman or Pouf  - We have seen a ton of velvet ottomans in stores lately.  We have also seen a lot of ottoman styles in velvet - tufted, round, bench with legs etc...Like the pillows and the throw this adds that sophisticated element to a room, this is a bit more expensive so be sure to like the idea of velvet before really committing.  We love to see a velvet ottoman in a rich jewel tone - it's a bit glamour but still timeless. Think living room, bedroom, glamorous office space or front entry - make a statement!

Studio McGee | Friday Inspiration: Our Top Pinned Images This Week:

 4. Dining chairs or armchair - this starts to get a bit pricier but if you want to make a statement in your space this would be one!  If you love to make a splash and want to be remembered for your decor choices - velvet chairs are one way to go.  We do love an accent chair and velvet is a way to make a bold pop in a space.  Think of a great accent chair in a living room or chairs in a dining space.  We love the softness and luxury that velvet brings but pair it with some modern elements like a glass table and a touch of gold - so chic!

Shop domino for the top brands in home decor and be inspired by celebrity homes and famous interior designers. domino is your guide to living with style.:

5. Headboard - love the idea of velvet but not for your main living space? It makes a sophisticated splash in a bedroom.  We love a nail head headboard but in velvet, wow - that's stunning!  We prefer sticking with a timeless hue as it is easy to work with as you change your bed linens but it will also always be in style.  It looks great paired with metallic lamps and oversized end tables.

Gray Velvet Headboard with Gray Shagreen Nightstand, Contemporary, Bedroom:

6. Sofa - If you LOVE velvet, a sofa in velvet might be for you.  It is a classic fabric so it won't go out of style.  You can be as classic as you like in terms of style of sofa and colour or you can be as bold and bright as you like.  It is a commitment so be sure to follow you heart.  We love the look of a charcoal or navy velvet sofa with clean lines and minimal pillows - it has a clean, sexy and chic look.  We have also see some fun vintage sofas in bright and fun colours - it's entirely up to you!

I am in love with this couch, in this color!   Slub Velvet Leonelle Sofa…:

Remember velvet isn't exactly family friendly, so be sure to pick velvet accessories or furniture pieces with that in mind - it's easier to dry clean a pillow or throw than it is a sofa, for instance.....

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - White Walls

"I love the look of white walls, it's so clean and bright but everyone keeps telling me that my home will look sterile and cold if I paint my walls white.  Any advise or suggestions?"

Paint can really transform a room - it can make it bright and bold, dark and sultry or light and airy....we love what paint can do for a room.  sometimes picking the right colour can be a BIG challenge.  The under tones of paint can really shine through depending on the light, time of day, and surrounding finishes.  So we never recommend falling in love with a paint colour in a store - you really need to see it in the space and over the course of a day.  We are huge fans of testing out swatches on a wall and not just looking at a small chip. Some paint companies do offer large (like 8x11) chips that you can tape to the wall - this is a great option to explore! Use the small chips to narrow down your choices but get the samples or large hips to really see what the colour will look like.

 Image result for rooms with white walls

When it comes to white - the choices are plentiful! You have warm whites, cool whites, blue whites, pink whites, grey whites etc.....Every white looks different in every space.  All white walls is a very clean look.  It can look sterile if you aren't careful.

Here are points to consider when it comes to painting your walls white:

1. Consider the natural light source. Before painting a room white, identify its orientation. Rooms that face away from the noonday sun receive gray-blue light, which is great for a summer bedroom, a gym or a studio where you want constancy. A clear white paint will optimize the light of these spaces while keeping things cool.

 The same white color, though, would not work in a north-facing family room in a cool, snowy climate. White’s visual relationship to the snow and ice outside the windows would be visually chilling. Instead, try tinting your white with red, yellow or orange or selecting a color from Benjamin Moore’s Off-White Collection for rooms where you plan to eat, socialize and linger.


2.  What’s outside affects what’s inside.
Rooms with a view of the ocean can be spectacular. For a summer residence, white walls can enhance the benefits of living by the sea, opening the house up and bringing the cool water view closer.

If you have already decided to paint your walls white and your home has a breathtaking view, consider painting the trim to match. Eliminating the delineation between the walls and woodwork with white paint will allow the landscape to remain frameless, expanding the view’s presence in your home. This strategy (painting both walls and trim the same), used to drop out the architecture obstructing the view, can be used with any color, but it is most effective with white because of its reflectivity.

 Minimal cottage style dining space:

3.  Reconsider the gallery look. There’s a reason galleries paint their walls and trim the same bright, white paint color: It drops out the architectural details and focuses attention on the artwork. The same method works for homes, too.

Remember white does show off imperfections - scuffs, nail pops and be prepared for regular maintenance.  This is not the best option for families with young children and the pure and crisp colour is not very forgiving.

 Image result for rooms with white walls

4.  Pay attention to history. White is classic, formal, refined and restrained in style. For your Greek revival or federal interiors, white will be expected on trim and on walls in the kitchen and third-floor bedrooms. Make the mistake of painting everything white, and your home will look like a builder’s “flip.”

 An upholstered sofa is the ultimate necessity for a comfortable living room (and the best place to curl up with a good book). Pair with colorful pillows for a relaxed, chic space.:

5.  Use white to expand spaces. Rooms painted white appear larger due to the amplification of light. Shadows and edges also diminish in white spaces. When creating a palette for your home, try to keep in mind that cool white drops back in space and can be used to enlarge and open your smaller spaces.

 White #workspacegoals // via @workspacegoals on Instagram:

We recommend making selections that you love - you should be surrounded by the looks and styles that you love.  To keep white walls from looking sterile we suggest: keeping some art, wall decor or photos on the walls - they will pop off the walls.  Stick with a white that has a satin or semi-gloss finish so you have a reflective finish (a flat or eggshell finish in white never looks rich). Take the time to pick the right white. We also love to mix white walls with texture - so look at flooring, window dressings, plants, decor accessories even fireplace mantles to add some texture and character in the space.

White walls is a great look and perfect for anyone with a great view, great art pieces and lots of texture in their space. 

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - How to Style a Front Entry Console Table

"I have a console table in my front hall.  It's great for mail and keys but it's a bit messy!  I want my front entry to look welcoming and neat - any ideas how to make my console table look stylish?"

A console table in the front hall is a very functional piece.  You are right it is perfect for mail and keys but it can become a bit of a dumping ground.  A lot of that is habit ,training yourself (and others) to put things like backpacks and other items elsewhere i.e a closet, office or bedroom.

But we also believe that if your space is beautiful (by your definition) than you will be more motivated to keep it that way.

The front entry console table sets the tone for your home and can also be an inviting first impression for guests.

Styling your front console table is all about using the space in a beautiful and practical way.  Here are some musts:

1 - Light- many front entries have an overhead light fixture but in our opinion you can never have too much light.  Plus having a table lamp on the console table (assuming you have a wall outlet for it) is handy if you arrive home late or leave early and don't want to wake the whole house with bright overhead lighting.  When it comes to table lamps you have some many choices - find one that suits and flows with the look of your home. How many lamps should you have? We say one is usually sufficient especially if it is a small space with a small table but if you have a long console table in a large entry, 2 table lamps is a nice balance.

Console Table Styling Tips mixing Gold, Green, White & Red:

2- Mirror - we love a mirror above a front entry console table - it plays two roles, 1: it's a great way to take a final look at hair, make up etc...before you head out to wherever you are off too; 2: it allows light to bounce around the room making a smaller and tighter space like an entry feel larger.  If you already have a mirror, like mirrored closet bi-fold doors, opt for an art piece instead.

Great table for the foyer. I also like the wood frame for the mirror.:
 *We love the wall sconces on either side of this mirror, it's a very clean look in this front entry.

3 - Storage - part of the front entry is storage, so make it pretty! A bowl on the table is perfect for keys or loose change, it keeps it all contained, easy to access but also hidden (so the surface looks neat).  We also love a basket for two under the console table - this is ideal for mitts, hats in cooler weather but also summer gear like hats and sunscreen.  Have a dog? Hide their leashes etc. in a basket. Again easy access but neat!

Get The Look: Coastal Console - Simple Stylings - How To Style a Table Beach Decor

4 - Seating - this is a nice addition if you have the space.  Under the console table is a great spot to tuck away a small bench, cube ottoman (or a storage bench).  Pull it out when guests neat a spot to sit and put on their shoes.  This is also another way to add to your decor - you can have a bench with some print, colour and/or texture.

Entryway Decor Ideas. Modern interior design. foyer design ideas. Interior design ideas. For more inspirational ideas take a look at:

5 -  Decor - we've covered the necessities of the front hall console table and now it's time to add your personal style! There are many decor items that you can add to the table to add your touch - framed photos, flowers or a plant, candles, or just a decorative item.  Be sure to have room for the necessary pieces and then layer your decor.  The amount of decor depends on the amount of space you have.  We like to vary the heights and shapes and stick with odd numbers.  Keep in mind if your entry console is more functional or decorative (some people have a second entry that is more functional and keep the front entry more beautiful)

Console table for television from South Shore Decorating Blog: Nasty Comments and Listening to Your Inner Design Goddess:

Also if you are selling your home, remember that your potential buyers will also be walking in the front door.  A styled front entry sends a great message and sets the tone.  So be sure to pay attention to your front entry!

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Monday, September 19, 2016

How to Decorate with Stripes

Stripes are a classic and even better they can work with any decor style!  If you have read any of our posts, you know that we love a print and mixing patterns.  So if you are thinking of trying out a pattern in your space consider a stripe - it's very transitional, it come in all scales and colours, too! You can't go wrong!  Not sure where to add this classic pattern? We have some ideas for you!

Wall treatment - whether it's wall paper or a streamlined paint job - try stripe son the wall.  You can get as big and bold as you like in terms of colour and scale - or opt for a classic neutral. It could fill an entire room or just an accent wall.  We also love to layer our patterns, so don't be shy to add some art, photography and mirrors over your striped wall.

The lines on the wall make the room seem taller and the wood work below them more prominent.:

Pillows - this is an easy addition (or subtraction) in a room.  Adding some printed pillows can completely elevate the look of your room.  There's just something about a pattern that adds a designer look to a space.  Some of the great things about pillows is that they aren't permanent, the selection is endless and they are affordable!  On a sofa, side chair, bed - they work everywhere!

grellow chairs with black and white striped pillows #home #decor:

Furniture - this might be an intimidating step for many but trust us!  A stripe furniture piece can really add a WOW factor to a space.  We do recommend sticking with a neutral palette if you are opting for a pattern piece - it's easier to work with long term as you want to change up your decor.  And for someone that likes neutrals this can add another sophisticated element to your room, mix it with some other patterns and some solid to give it a designer look.

Decorating with stripes indoors love the ceiling, pelican painting, and the room palette:

 Drapery - We love what window coverings can do to a space - from a functional side but also a decor side - sure they block the sunlight (or an unpleasant view) but also add a softness and again, visual interest in a room.  Whether it's panels or roman blinds - we love them both!  This is a great option for a living space, dining room and a bedroom - we love a stripe window treatment in a kids' room so timeless and it can grow up with them!

blue white striped draperies in coastal kids room:

Floor covering - we love area rugs in any room, they add another layer of softness, they are nice on bare feet,  they pull a room together and of course, it's another opportunity to add some pattern.  Area rugs can be pricey depending on the size and material you choose, so if you are concerned about budget consider a classic pattern like a stripe.  A stripe area rug is a classic (we have said this a few times, but it's true!).

Melbourne Home · M...  The Design Files:

Outdoor furniture and accessories - decorating your outdoor living space is no longer boring! There are so many options for furniture, umbrellas and accessories, too.  We love the look of a stripe in an outdoor space, it's so fresh and clean! Pillows, umbrellas, cushions and even rugs - it's up to you!

 Outdoor Decor: Outdoor living can be a stylish extension of your living area. This small balcony was converted into a cozy space by adding a bold, striped rug from HomeGoods and comfy seating for lounging and entertaining. Tip: Pick a bright accent color and keep everything around it neutral such as black and white. This will create a refreshing modern space! (Sponsored Pin):

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - Wall decor Ideas (other than artwork)

"I'm looking for some ideas to decorate my empty wall space.  I do love art but I would like to see if there are other options out there that could add a unique look to my home"

Art and other wall decor pieces are a great way to add some visual interest in your space but it's also a great way to add colour and texture plus you can really show off your style through art.

We are seeing a lot of options for wall decor besides a stretched canvas or framed print.

Here are ideas:

1.  Fabric or Wall paper - you can use these material as an accent wall but why not frame them and have some creative wall panels. You can make these panels are big as you like and the really customize the look plus this is a great way to add some unique flair to a rental without losing your damage deposit.

FOCAL POINT STYLING: DIY Indigo Wall Art With Framed Fabric:

2. Wood - wood is going to be a big trend for 2016.  It has great texture, character and warmth too.  We will see a lot of wood in furniture but also art.  We certainly did see accent walls in reclaimed and distressed wood planks and fun signs but we are seeing wood in art as well.

3. Mirrors - this is not a new idea but one way to add some light to a room is to add a mirror.  there are so many shapes and styles of mirrors, too.  A mirrors looks great layered over an accent wall or on it's own.  Mirror gallery walls - so mirrors in different shapes and frames is another unique touch to a room.

Mirrors make a wall stand out so well. Love this gallery wall design.

4. Floating shelves - this is a clean and easy way to display a series of pieces you want to show off.  On a floating shelf anything can really work - framed photos, candles, decor pieces etc...For the shelves themselves you have lots of options in terms of colours and materials.

21 Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas | Page 15 of 21 | Worthminer - but with some colour and timber accents:

5. An oversized wall clock - this is both function and fashion.  This fills up the space and is visually appealing but it is also very useful.  there are so many styles of clocks to choose from too.  We love the aged clock in this image flanked by the candle sconces.

Enjoy the feeling of being at a coastal retreat all the time by decorating your living room with beachy accents like pillows, coral sculptures and light, airy shades.:

 6. Animal heads - so we have seen this trend for a few years now and maybe it has reached it's peak but we are seeing different and unexpected animal heads.  People are using them in different places too like kids rooms and nurseries.  We have also seen them in a variety of materials - papier mache, resin, faux fur, wood, metal and wire. They are nice in an eclectic gallery wall, or just on their own.  Trend or not, if you like it - go for it!

Nursery with faux animal heads mounted on wall:

 7. Maps - so this can be purely decorative but also educational.  It's a great addition if you love to travel - it's a great way to show off your interests through decor.  Map come is all sorts of shapes and sizes - full wall paper or oversized framed maps.  The colours vary too - soft 'aged' beige tones to bright and vivid colours.

3. Use old maps in your decor! Create awesome wall murals using old maps, or just frame some of them and hang them on your walls. Another idea is to decorate the lampshades with maps. The older, the better! You’ll love the result!:

8. Wall decals - wall vinyls have come a long way - they are easy to stick on and peel off.  There are so many possibilities too - inspirational quotes to images and everything in between. So this is another great option for someone living in a rental that wants to add some 'pop' to their space or for someone that changes their mind often.

Small hazel green little vinyl heart wall decals on a biege wall with a white drape on the left. In front of the wall is a pastel green chair with a white pillow and a small table with a white lamp on top.:

Which wall treatments do you like? Which ones have you used? What ever you decide make sure it suits you and your space and don't ever feel like you have to follow the latest trends!

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