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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - How to Style a Front Entry Console Table

"I have a console table in my front hall.  It's great for mail and keys but it's a bit messy!  I want my front entry to look welcoming and neat - any ideas how to make my console table look stylish?"

A console table in the front hall is a very functional piece.  You are right it is perfect for mail and keys but it can become a bit of a dumping ground.  A lot of that is habit ,training yourself (and others) to put things like backpacks and other items elsewhere i.e a closet, office or bedroom.

But we also believe that if your space is beautiful (by your definition) than you will be more motivated to keep it that way.

The front entry console table sets the tone for your home and can also be an inviting first impression for guests.

Styling your front console table is all about using the space in a beautiful and practical way.  Here are some musts:

1 - Light- many front entries have an overhead light fixture but in our opinion you can never have too much light.  Plus having a table lamp on the console table (assuming you have a wall outlet for it) is handy if you arrive home late or leave early and don't want to wake the whole house with bright overhead lighting.  When it comes to table lamps you have some many choices - find one that suits and flows with the look of your home. How many lamps should you have? We say one is usually sufficient especially if it is a small space with a small table but if you have a long console table in a large entry, 2 table lamps is a nice balance.

Console Table Styling Tips mixing Gold, Green, White & Red:

2- Mirror - we love a mirror above a front entry console table - it plays two roles, 1: it's a great way to take a final look at hair, make up etc...before you head out to wherever you are off too; 2: it allows light to bounce around the room making a smaller and tighter space like an entry feel larger.  If you already have a mirror, like mirrored closet bi-fold doors, opt for an art piece instead.

Great table for the foyer. I also like the wood frame for the mirror.:
 *We love the wall sconces on either side of this mirror, it's a very clean look in this front entry.

3 - Storage - part of the front entry is storage, so make it pretty! A bowl on the table is perfect for keys or loose change, it keeps it all contained, easy to access but also hidden (so the surface looks neat).  We also love a basket for two under the console table - this is ideal for mitts, hats in cooler weather but also summer gear like hats and sunscreen.  Have a dog? Hide their leashes etc. in a basket. Again easy access but neat!

Get The Look: Coastal Console - Simple Stylings - How To Style a Table Beach Decor

4 - Seating - this is a nice addition if you have the space.  Under the console table is a great spot to tuck away a small bench, cube ottoman (or a storage bench).  Pull it out when guests neat a spot to sit and put on their shoes.  This is also another way to add to your decor - you can have a bench with some print, colour and/or texture.

Entryway Decor Ideas. Modern interior design. foyer design ideas. Interior design ideas. For more inspirational ideas take a look at:

5 -  Decor - we've covered the necessities of the front hall console table and now it's time to add your personal style! There are many decor items that you can add to the table to add your touch - framed photos, flowers or a plant, candles, or just a decorative item.  Be sure to have room for the necessary pieces and then layer your decor.  The amount of decor depends on the amount of space you have.  We like to vary the heights and shapes and stick with odd numbers.  Keep in mind if your entry console is more functional or decorative (some people have a second entry that is more functional and keep the front entry more beautiful)

Console table for television from South Shore Decorating Blog: Nasty Comments and Listening to Your Inner Design Goddess:

Also if you are selling your home, remember that your potential buyers will also be walking in the front door.  A styled front entry sends a great message and sets the tone.  So be sure to pay attention to your front entry!

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