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Saturday, August 20, 2016

12 Home Decor Ideas for Under the Stairs

For anyone that has a set of stairs in their home you have likely wondered if there was something you could do with that space - it seems like such a waste! Well there are some really creative and useful things you can do with that space under the stairs. Whether you are looking for a weekend project or a great idea to add on to your renovation to-do list - there is something on this list for everyone!

1. Reading Nook: this is a perfect little reading hide away for any member of the family.  Add a custom cushion for seating and lots of pillows for comfort. You can add some shelving for books and some art for a personal and decorative touch.  Don't forget some light - a pot light or a sconce is perfect for a space like this!

This little cubby will remind kids of Harry Potter's bedroom beneath the stairs — but far more pleasant, of course.:

 2. Work space: this isn't a substitute for a full home office but it is perfect for a small work center at home for catching up on bills and emails or a great homework station.  Hiding your desk under the stairs keeps papers and files out of plain sight but you still have easy access to the space.

 Workspace under the stairs with blue walls by IKEA:

3. Closet: often home owners use the under the stair space as storage for items that are not needed on a daily basis like season clothing or decor, but why not make that useful everyday storage? Having easy access to our needed items but keeping them tucked away is a great idea for the space. This is also a great idea if you don't have a front entry closet.

30 Very Creative And Useful Ideas For Under The Stairs Storage:

4.  Powder Room: Short on space? Adding a powder room under the stairs is a great way to use this space whether it's on the main floor in the basement - this is a great renovation for your property in terms of use but also for resale of your home.

Sneak 'er right in there .. Tucked under the stairwell.:

5.  Book case: are you a book lover? Need more space for your books? Use the stairs for extra book storage - it's simple and tucked away.  You could keep children's books on the lower shelves for easy access.  Add some baskets and you could storage puzzles, small toys or even board games.  Extra storage is never a bad thing.

15 Unbelievably Smart Ways to Remodel Your Home! 6 -

6. Dog House: Or pet space!  Even our fur babies need a place of their own, so why not a little retreat under the stairs?  You can have their toys, beds etc....some home owners have even built in a gate or crate into the space to keep the pet area looking neat and tidy.

Love the dog spot under the stairs, or for like a basement stair case; turn in into a "play house" for kids.:

7. TV cabinet: Most of us don't like the TV to be the focal point of any room and those TV units can be so big and bulky.  Depending on your room arrangement you might be able to create a TV unit under the stairs like the one in this image.

 The depth of space under a staircase can be sufficient for a built-in entertainment center that houses a flat-screen TV and a bookcase to boot, along with drawers for remotes, movies, and game accessories.:

 8. Bar: Love to entertain? This a perfect idea for the host or hostess - create your own bar (or wine storage) under the stairs.  You could even have a beer fridge and shelving for stemware.

A bar under the stairs in a basement...':

9. Sports equipment storage :  this idea isn't as glamorous  but for the active this is great!  If you don't have a shed or garage for items like bikes this is for you.  Trying hanging your bike under the stairs.  It's out of the way but easy enough to access it when you need it.

Amazing Ideas for Organising Your Home 1. Bike racks under the stairs:

10. Mudroom: If you have kids and don't have a proper mud room this might be all you need.  Use that nook under the stairs to create a mud room space for the kids day to day things - jackets, hats, back packs, shoes and more.  Under the stairs keeps it out of sight but not so much that the kids can't find their things. Try adding a bulletin or even a chalk board to keep track of events and appointments as well.
5 Tips for a Small Space Mudroom Under the Stairs via Remodelaholic:

11. Laundry Room: Doing a remodel on a smaller space? Need a a better laundry room? Under the stairs could work for you! Stacked laundry machines can fit nicely leaving you room for storage of the cleaners and a folding space too.  This is perfect to add to the space if you are renovating as you will need the plumbing to be installed so if you are in a renovation and need a laundry room this might be all you need.

Under stairs laundry room?? Beautiful 1920s House Tour:

12.  Playroom or Kids' Clubhouse: Harry Potter may have lived under the stairs and it wasn't pleasant but you really can make a beautiful and fun clubhouse for the kids only under the stairs! You can get as creative as you like with this one!  Kids love to hide and play and under the stairs could be the perfect spot for a little playhouse!  You can paint it - add toys, books, bean bag, large pillows, sticker on the walls, have a door or curtain - it's entirely up to you!

Incredible Kids Playhouses Under The Stairs | Do-It-Youself Fun Ideas:

See how this mother transformed a dirty space into a Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs:

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