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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - How to make my home look summer-y

"How can I make my home look summer-y? The cold weather is finally gone but my home still looks kind of winter-y"

Yes, the weather is absolutely beautiful these days and it looks like those chilly days are behind us (at least for a few months).  It's nice to celebrate the changing of the seasons and if you live in an area like ours, the changes in weather are pretty drastic! We love to have the inside of our homes light and airy like the summer weather so here are some ideas that we use at home.

1 - Flowers - bring in some beauty of the spring/summer season.  If you have a lovely garden cut some of your own flowers, if you don't have a garden to pick from the local Farmer's markets have tons of beautiful flowers this time of year.  We love the see arrangements on coffee tables, dining tables and even bedrooms.

Coffee Table Four Corner Approach 6 Approaches to Styling a Coffee Table:

2- Pillows and throws - chances are if you live in a colder climate (like us) your pillows and throws (on your bed and sofa) you colour motif is likely deep and dark, so for the warmer seasons lighten it up!  Can this get expensive? Sure.  But if you are smart you can do this on a budget.  Try pillow covers instead of all new pillows.  This way you can keep the inserts, change the covers seasonally and send the off-season covers to be professionally cleaned.  Tuck away your off-season pillows and throws in a closet or a trunk during these warm months.  If you stick with a spring/summer colour scheme and a fall/winter scheme you will get a lot of use of your accent decor pieces. For spring summer, we love a pop of yellow.  Yellow works with blue, green, orange, pink ..... plus it is so sunny and bright!

 Patterned pillows are an inexpensive way to give a tired room fresh style. See Kate of Centsational Style's picks:

3 - Drapery and window coverings - we aren't  suggesting a new set of window dressings is mandatory but if you have heavy drapery such as velvet or a really dark colour, you might want to consider a lighter option during the spring/summer months - this will completely transform the look of your home.  And much like the idea with the pillow covers, take the cold season drapery to be cleaned. If you aren't open to 2 sets of drapery, pull back the curtains and pull up the blinds and let the light in! this will brighten up the room

Ikat. I love blue and white. It's classic, clean, yet warm and inviting if mixed with the right textures.:

4 - Fireplace - the fireplace is a focal point in your room no matter the season.  In those cold winter and crisp fall months, it is easy to style the fireplace but what to do in the warm months? The fireplace likely won't be in use but it is a big piece of your room.  Style it with some softer textures and tones. You have lots of options but we suggest adding elements that work with your spring/summer colour scheme and adding some botanical pieces (that could be floral arrangements or a seasonal art piece).  We love the image below because it has that summer ease - the plants are a great touch and that mirror in the fireplace is such a great idea.  The garden stool adds a pop of colour but is also another seating option when needed.

Filling the interior of your fireplace with a mirror not only bounces light around the room; it also makes a small space feel larger. And if you have a colorful rug covering the floor, a mirror will reflect it back into the room—an artful bonus.

5 - Texture - in the warmer months we all love to get outside, so to make your home decor more 'summer-y' bring the outdoors in!  Yes, we already mentioned flowers but there are other outdoor elements that you can bring inside.  Think about natural textures like wood, rattan and sisal - they add that soft and natural factor but also a warmth.  These are great options if you lean towards neutrals, in terms of your decor palette.  The richness of these textures adds a sophistication to any space.

I may never retire at the seashore but by the time I'm done remodeling and redecorating someday, it will feel like I do.  The natural and neutral tones are so warm and an inspiration.:

 You can create a welcoming entry in the summer by adding a summer themed wreath and planters.  Maybe even a bench with some outdoor pillows - this will create a warm and inviting vignette for family and friends.

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