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Sunday, May 15, 2016

How to Add 'Flare' to your Patio this Summer

One of the best things about summer is entertaining outdoors.  We have been cooped up all winter and even on those cooler spring days and evenings - so it is a welcome change to get outside in the warm weather. 

Summer nights are perfect for having friends over for a BBQ and some drinks but they are also great for quiet nights in as a family or couple. Summer nights are the best! Just because you are outdoors doesn't means that you are limited to basic patio furniture - there are so many options! You can add decorative touches to make your outdoor living space even more comfortable and inviting.

Here are some of our favourite summer outdoor living decorating ideas:

Lanterns: we love the look of lanterns! We even like them for the indoors.  But lanterns are a great way to add some candle light or soft lighting to your space.  Keeping open flames like a candle in a lantern keeps it safe, too.  We like lanterns on the ground (see the image above) but try them on a table top (think dining under the stars) or hung up - they look great every way.

 Feeling like your outdoor space is looking a little... gray? The right decor can help a lot, but there's nothing quite as impactful as actually taking brush to concrete and making over the space. We collected a handful of smart ideas that can transform a porch, patio or balcony with just a can of paint (or maybe even a box of chalk, for the renters).

Outdoor rug: a rug? outside? Yes!  It is a great look - it adds some colour and possibly some print and pulls the outdoor living space together. It makes the outdoor area look and feel cozy.  Make sure the rug you get is designed for 'outdoor use'. An outdoor rug is made of materials that can stand the weather (sun and rain).  An outdoor rug also has a nice 'foot feel' - meaning when you stand on it, it feels good on bare feet unlike a concrete, cement or even wood surface, which can all be a bit rough.

outdoor+lounge+with+striped+rug+%26+purple+accents+via+ARWAV.jpg 608×912 pixels:

Pillows: like the rug - this is a great 'indoor' comfort that can be brought outside - just be sure to have pillows in an outdoor safe fabric. There are tons of colour and print options.  Pillows not only add even more comfort to your outdoor seating space but they add some style, too.  Be sure to have an overall colour theme (which includes your rug as well).  Just like decorating the indoors you want consistency with your style. See the image below - the pop of colour is red and orange -so bright and fun even the table top lanterns coordinate with the colour theme.

Patio Design...Put Pattern to Work..In landscapes that include lots of different plant types and textures, too much additional pattern can be overwhelming. Small doses are a good way to provide visual relief as well as interesting contrast to furniture. This patio set's solid-red seating cushions are paired with red-and-white pattern accent pillows for a pop of style.:

Small furniture:  sure, you have your main pieces for furniture likely a seating area and a dining area but what about small pieces of furniture like coffee tables and side tables? You will want those for surface space.  The garden stool is also a great option if you need some last minute extra seating - they are a perfect multi-purpose piece.  We also look how a garden stool adds some colour and some texture - plus they are easy to clean and in the cooler months - you can use them indoors!

108" x 50" indoor/outdoor grommet drapes in natural, $79 per panel, Orange trim was added: Spectrum outdoor fabric in cayenne, $27 per yard, for stores.:

Bar cart: outdoor entertaining like indoor entertaining needs serving space.  Since you likely won't have an outdoor kitchen (and if you do have one - you are so lucky!) you need some kind of serving space for food and drink.  We love bar carts (for inside too) for the outdoors.  You don't have to sacrifice table space (or at least too much table space) when hosting. A bar cart is perfect for serving light snacks and drinks - if you host huge parties and have the space, consider getting 2 carts - one designated for drinks and the other for snacks.

Make outdoor entertaining easy with this serving cart. It offers lots of space for storing food, tableware, and outdoor supplies, plus it cradles bottles where they’re easy to reach but protected from spills. The top “shelf” is a lift-off tray, so you can carry supplies from the cart to your table.:

 Lounging: who says outdoor furniture can't be comfortable?! Hoe about some outdoor bean bag chairs? We love the fun patterns, the easy maintenance and the absolute comfort.  Perfect for summer afternoon naps or eating for kids. We are seeing 'bean bag' seating more and more in resort spas because it is so comfortable and comfort is king!

Striped Outdoor Beanbag Chair & Ottoman at Horchow.:

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