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Monday, May 30, 2016

What does it mean to "shop your home" ?

If you have been watching home decor shows on TV or reading online articles about home decor recently, you have likely heard the term 'shop your home'.  It's #trending these days....let us explain to you what this term and trend mean.

Basically #shopyourhome is all about using what you have already and bringing it out (if it was stored away), maybe re-purposing it or maybe even updating it. It's part of a recycling movement - instead of tossing out items that are just out dated but are still in good condition and work just fine, give them new life by updating them or re-purposing them (a new location or a new purpose all together).

Some great "shop your home" examples...

Paint - we all know what paint can do to a room but what can it do to an old piece of furniture or a light fixture? Instead of buying new - update what you have!  This is easy, affordable and you are recycling something that might other wise end up in a landfill. this painted light fixture is a simple fix, affordable too plus the end result is a unique 'one of a kind' light fixture that will add WOW factor to your room.

Update an old chandelier using a bright color!

Fabric - give a bench or chair new life with some fabric.  A few yards of fabric will go a long way and give you a whole new look.  It is easy to re-upholster a simple bench or chair seat - you will need some fabric, fabric glue, staple gun and a screwdriver to remove the seat cushion.  You may want to add some foam or cotton batting if the seat needs some volume or cushioning.

My next project! Woohoo! Now I just have to find the perfect fabric!:

 Hardware - new hardware can completely change the look of a room.  We recommend this to our home staging clients as well.  This works on furniture and cabinetry - this is a great update for a kitchen and bathroom.  It is easy to do but it really makes a big impact.

Painted cabinet with new hardware:

Art - bored of your current art displays but can't replace your pieces? Try moving your art into a different room or in a different arrangement.  This can make a huge different in a space. It's a great way to display pieces that aren't usually seen.

Nostalgia decor, could use mom's old hippie souvenirs, like the album and clothing mixed in:

 Garden - do you have beautiful flowers in your garden? Instead of buying cut flowers from the market use your own - it adds a special touch to your space and it's a great way to add a welcoming scene to a tablescape, front entry, coffee table or even a guest bedroom.

rustic fall floral arrangements - Google Search:

Scarf - if you are like either of us, you probably have a drawer full of beautiful scarves and for every season - so make use of them!  Try re-purposing your scarves as a table runner.  Think bright and colourful for summer, neutral for fall and airy for spring.  It adds a fresh new look to the table, it sets the scene and it adds a unique touch.

2 plaid scarfs laid horizontally at each end of table as table runners. 6 Ways To Use a Plaid Scarf for fall/winter decorating in your home. CityFarmhouseBlog:

Furniture - try moving your pieces into a different layout or swapping pieces around - accent chairs are a great and easy choice to re-arrange.  Think of re-arranging your furniture to take advantage of a view of your garden in the summer months or  place your furniture in a way to snuggle up by the fireplace.

 A splash of yellow to welcome spring:

 Feeling inspired yet?  Home decor can get expensive but if you shop at home and get creative you can get a whole new look !

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