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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - Small Space Room Divider

I live in a studio condo. What type of items can I use to separate my bed area from my living area and it not be so bulky or obvious? (I wanted something different from a screen and I don't want to build a wall). 

To make an unobtrusive, cohesive look, think about open “etage” or open book case. This idea would create your separation, and also give functionality of order and storage, utilizing the open design of the book case.


The style should be something that could “dress up or dress down” your space - there are many styles and finishes of bookcases so you won't be stuck in terms of style. The one thing you will want is an open book cases meaning no backing, you can see through the bookcase.  Usual height for bookcase is 84″Hx42W”x 16D. It would have a fixed top, as your center line, bottom and center shelves, and four adjustable shelves where you could create closure/privacy with accessories or books. This gives you privacy (especially once it is decorated) without the heaviness of a wall and it won't be flimsy like a screen.
 Divide & Conquer        While big open spaces are important in the office, little nooks to cozy up in define the rest of the house. Bookcases serve as open dividers between rooms while still providing those comfy nooks with lots of shelf space for storage. Organizing books by color adds an interesting decorative touch. #Cake:

It would be open -pulling your eye up and out, instead of screening or blocking your area.  This idea is versatile, and will also work spatially, even if your ceilings are lower.

You can fill up the open book case with decor items and books - it will fill up the shelves but it will also be functional (especially if you are a book lover)


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