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Thursday, June 2, 2016

6 Ways to decorate with a Garden Stool

The garden stool has been a trend for a few years now and we will love it...always.  Why? we love the options that a garden stool offers (yes, we are all about multi-purpose pieces).  But we also love the look of a garden stool - they can add a great pop of colour and texture - plus they are easy to move around. 

Here are some great ways to use a garden stool:

In the shower - a garden stool makes a great shower seat.

This lemon yellow stool can totally live in the shower. No need to worry about its condition; ceramic can take an infinite amount of showers:

 As Extra seating - tuck these easy to move garden stool under a console table or sofa table.

Large print green wallpaper, hot pink accessories, and blanc de chine accents look gorgeous together.:

As a Side table - indoors or outdoors, a garden stool makes for a great side table.

 Garden Stool Ideas Blue Stool

As a Coffee table - short on space? A set of garden stools is a great option for a coffee table in a small space.  Plus they can be some extra seating if you need it.

 Garden Stool Ideas Navy Stool

 In the Bathroom - by the tub!  If you are lucky enough to have time to soak away the log day... a garden stool is a great spot for your book, towels or a cup of tea (or glass of wine)

bathroom in calacatta Gold marble instead of regular Calacatta marble:

In the bedroom - garden stools are so versatile and can even work in a different areas of a room.  the bedroom for instance, a garden stool is a great option for a bedside table but is also great as a corner chair side table but also a series of 3 would look great at the foot of a bed.

A bright beach apartment in Australia with a touch  of tropical.:

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