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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - How to mix patterns

"In magazines I see designers mix different prints and patterns in one room.  I love the look.  How do you mix patterns without making a mess?"

You are so right! Mixing prints and patterns in one room is a designer look and it makes a room more chic and sophisticated but it can be tricky to get right.

Combining prints brings excitement to a room—but how do you make it work? Set small patterns against large ones, limit your palette, and include one big solid (on sofa, floor, or wall) in the scene.

We recommend a solid for large pieces like a sofa and then we can build on that.

Here are a few examples that you could follow.

Maine Beach House with Classic Coastal Interiors:

This room is a great example of mixing prints and patterns with a limited palette.  We have a solid and neutral wall paint and sofa and simple window coverings - on it's own it is a bit boring.  Now let's add the excitement....the stripe rug in white and blue is fresh and adds a big pop in the room.  This area rug in white and blue is the inspiration for the colour palette for the prints.  We have an accent chair in a modern botanical print in the blue and white palette plus we have some decor pillows in a different blue and white pattern. This room has a cohesive look with a bit of a nautical theme (but certainly not overboard on the theme - pardon the pun!) This room has the designer look and follows the simple formula of a few solids, a mix of large and small prints in a limited colour palette.

Ralph Lauren Hamptons style - I could sleep in that chair, with that ottoman, by that window, with the beach breeze blowing in...:

If you prefer a look that is softer, you can still play with pattern.   In this room we have a mix of stronger and softer prints.  The drapery has a larger pattern yet still in a neutral colour palette, the ottoman has a very subtle print in a low contrast colour scheme.  The pillows on the accent chair add a bit more pop to the room but the look here is very soft and toned down.  The walls and the chairs are a great neutral backdrop for the prints and texture. This creates a very relaxing and soothing look in a space.  The rattan tray and plant add some texture adding some visual interest.

 A floral wallcovering behind a navy blue twin bed.

Love the look of wallpaper but think it limits your chances to add other patterns? Think again! Use the wallpaper as a point of inspiration for other prints in the room.  The wallpaper in this image has a blend of orange tones, yellow, blue and white.  It's a pretty bold wall covering so the other prints should be a bit more subtle.  Here we have a blue bed frame that pulls from the wallpaper tones.  The bedding textiles have a soft mix of corals and white with a blue throw blanket -so this way everything works together.

Light gray with pale blue and small pops of coral.

Don't be afraid to mix prints when it comes to pillows.  This arrangement follows a 'buddy system'.  The soft mint green is seen in some solid pillows (at the back) and we also see it in the front lumbar pillow.  The white is seen in all of the print pillows.  We have black in 3 pillows and the only true pop is the pink peony.  This combination of prints seems unexpected and maybe random but it is very much planned which is why it looks great!

When it comes to playing with prints you can get as bold or as subtle as you like.  Follow the easy steps and you can achieve a designer look in your space.

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