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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - Best Front Door Colour

"I have a red brick home and the style of my home is quite traditional.  I want to paint my front door in something that's a bit more fun (currently my door is black).  Any ideas?"

Painting your front door is an easy update and it can really transform the look of your home.  Red brick is a classic and paired with a black door you have a timeless look.  But you can update the exterior with some paint and it can really make a huge difference.

 Black Door on Red Brick - Our Favorite Charleston Front Doors:
 We love this home located in Carleston, SC (USA).  This look is timeless.  The matte black against the brick is classic and the cream trim matches the cream mortar between the brick and the mullions. 

Assuming your roof is neutral like black or possibly charcoal - you have lots of options.   But remember when you are picking an exterior paint colour you really need to work with what finishes are already there.  So the shade of red brick is important. We also suggest looking at the region for inspiration.  A soft beachy blue for example works well in Southern climates like the Carolinas but looks out of place in Northern climates, so keep that in mind as well.

For instance, if you have a terracotta (orange brick) this works well with colours such as navy blue or even a cobalt blue, dark taupe, dark (warm) grey, khaki and olive are nice green options, a deep cranberry and espresso are good options as well.

front door color for orange brick house - Google Search:

This orange brick home looks current with this charcoal door with warm white trim.  

 89e093157601c6a5ee4f675989648795.jpg (236×314):

This orange brick has a few more variations in tone but the olive-sage door looks fresh and clean especially with the warm white trim.  This home has a lot of charm and is warm and inviting.

Now, if you have a brick that is a deeper tone like a brownish red or a burgundy, you will want to look at paint colours such as navy blue, charcoal grey, deep olive green, a dark cranberry with brown undertones is another great option.  If you are looking for something a bit more unusual try a teal door with warm white trim. A red door is also a great look on a deeper red brick home.  It's a classic but it isn't as formal.

Feng Shui.  Blue doors represent trust, loyalty and stability. The color blue is often linked with thoughts and feelings of safety and security. If your home is a safe haven, painting your front door blue can reflect that. The deeper the blue color, the more you reflect that feeling of stability for your home’s curb appeal.:
 This navy door with white trim against the burgundy brick is a very classic look but it looks great and isn't as formal as the black door. 

Front Doors, I love different colored front doors:
 This teal painted door is a fresh and fun look but works with the tones in the brick.

 This charming front porch has a door mat, perennials potted in white urns, and the house number boldly placed on the center of the door in a contrasting white.:
 This burgundy brick home looks great with a red door - notice how the shade of red in the door isn't orange, it is a true red.

These are some great options for your front door and as you know already paint can make a huge difference.  Be sure to pay attention to the other features like the trim (is it chipping?), the mailbox, doorbell, grip set and address numbers - are they in good shape? Do they need replacing or repairing? Those small details can make a huge difference in the exterior and curb appeal of your home.

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