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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - How to Decorate with Red

"I love red.  I have lots of red accents in my house like pillows and some art.  I want to add a new colour in the mix but still keep the red.  What works with red?"

Red is a bold colour and it can really make a statement on it's own but we agree with you adding in a secondary accent colour can really change up the look of your space.

Although red is big and punchy you do have options for a second accent colour.

Red and charcoal grey. this is a great choice if your main furniture pieces are black or even a dark espresso or the opposite, white.  We also like mixing red and charcoal with a lighter grey sofa like the image below.

Seguir con la paleta..gris, negro, rojo, blanco...como el bañi:

Red and Aqua blue. If you like a bit of the unexpected this is a good option for you.  the aqua or turquoise combined with the red makes a bright and colourful statement - plus you can add some white for a clean almost beachy look or some golden yellows for even more pop! In a case like this a pattern piece like this pillows bring this unexpected colour combo together!

 Great room makeover with red and turquoise throw pillow as accent:

Red and White.  A classic combination and you can't go wrong with it! This can work with any style: country to modern - it just depends on the pieces.  Here we have an example of a country bedroom it is so fresh and inviting.  The distressed iron bed frame in red is just another way to add some colour into the room.

white bedroom with red metal bed frame and quilt at the foot of the bed:

Red and Pink.  We you can!!  Again another unexpected combination but it definitely makes a statement! Again if you like the idea of mixing these two bold hues look for a piece that brings them together like a patterned pillow, area rug or an art piece. Keep the supporting neutrals clean and crisp like in this image - the pure white bedding and the soft grey drapes and bench are a perfect back drop for these bright tones!

Ask color of guest bedroom walls and trim:

 Red and Navy Blue.  This look can be a bit nautical but that depends on a lot of the decor items you choose.  This is another classic combination and it is truly timeless. See the image below for some inspiration in this colour palette that is not nautical in theme. 

6th Street Design School | Kirsten Krason Interiors : How to Become a Better Designer:

Red and Dark Brown.  This is such a warmth combination and you can really add smaller accents to this look as well.  Take some inspiration from the image below. The mix of the dark brown wall and red furniture adds warmth and richness to the space.  The pattern rug and pillow add some golden tones into this mix as well.  This has a bit more of an eclectic feel but it is very chic.

Farm house living room. Gallery wall display, with art, mirror, and metal animal head. Over apothecary cabinet painted in a distressed red finish. Reserve At Old Fredericksburg Model Part 2, see the whole house at...

 Red is so versatile in terms of both style and colour pairings.  Don't be afraid to try any combination!

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