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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - 10 Best Timeless Patterns

"I love the idea of adding some pattern to my home but I am so afraid to commit.  I really don't want to spend on something that won't be in style for a while. Any suggestions on pattern that won't go out of style?"

You are right making a commitment especially one with a bigger price can be nerve wracking but have no fear there are some classic patterns that you can add to your space that will not only compliment but will add a level of sophistication to your home.

Pattern textiles are perfect for upholstery, drapery and accent pillows.  Be sure to speak with your local textile expert to ensure that you have the right fabric for the use.

 Gallery wall over the sofa with black and white prints, a striped neutral rug, and mixed print throw pillows -- a stylish way to prove that neutrals never have to be boring!:

Here are some classic fabric patterns that you can bring into your space without any regret.

Pinstripe: Much thinner and more subdued than a normal stripe, these patterns add a faint, menswear detail to upholstery and pillows.  But any stripe is a classic but we love the look of this menswear inspired look. A stripe can be paired with other patterns as well - Mixing patterns adds real sophistication and a designer look to a space. This modern chair in a navy pinstripe fabric with shiny gold arm looks incredibly chic!

Even after a long day's work, you come home, sit down and you smile. // Milo Club Chair by Lawson-Fenning:

Toile de Jouy: de jouy fabric originated in France in the 1760s. The original patterns usually depicted pastoral scenes; today there are many pattern choices and colors available.  Other patterns include more exotic Chinese themes became popular, as did famous moments from history. All were hand-drawn in a curvaceous style with fine detail that was then etched onto wood blocks and printed onto the fabric. Certainly a more traditional option but if you use it and pair it with the right pieces it can work with a rustic country space - pair it with furniture that is clean and streamlined, so it doesn't look fussy. Or use it as an accent wall with wallpaper

The classic combination of blue and white is an enduring favourite. It has been given depth with loose chair covers stencilled in a variety of cobalt-blue motifs, bringing a new dimension to toile de jouy. Roman blinds in an historical print keep the simple feel both fresh and uplifting.:

Fretwork:  These are geometric, interlaced patterns with sharp angles. Similar to the repeated nature of latticework but the design can be more complex, like a Greek key. There are many patterns with a geometric repeating pattern that fall into this category - your choices are endless and so are the colour options.  This works beautifully in any space including bedrooms and even nurseries but it also pairs well with other prints - we love it with florals.

Melissa - I don't know if you would consider going more into these tones - but this strong emerald green is the color of the year, very on trend and looks great with neutrals and some bold blues or yellows. Basically this fabric on these chairs is awesome.:

Tree of Life: These sprawling nature-inspired prints are characterized by scrolling vines, flowers, leaves, and birds. The patterns are typically very large in scale and are great for draperies.  Not sure if florals are your 'thing'? Try incorporating them into art.  A simple fabric swatch or wallpaper sample in a frame with matting and frame - looks clean and modern and adds a pop of pattern with zero commitment and very little cost. Seen here this botanical fabric has been used as a wall panel for a pop of colour and great visual interest in this room.  Plus see how it works with the trellis (fretwork) ottoman

Love! The pop of yellow and the lovely white streamlines the exciting graphic look with a soothing home-look. :

Damask:   A reversible fabric commonly woven in silks and wools and printed on linens and cottons. The repeating medallion-like designs are often done in a single color with the ground (base cloth) in a flat finish and the design in a sateen. Modern print versions are interpreted in more high-contrast color combos. For a while Damask wall paper accent walls were all the rage - we saw them everywhere - that trends has softened a bit (high contrast less popular and more tone-on-tone is what we are seeing) but the pattern itself is a classic and it also pairs well with any fretwork.  A Damask accent chair with a Fretwork area rug is a gorgeous combination. Damask can be fussy is paired with fussy and formal things.  See the image below - using Damask in a roman shade is a clean and modern use yet it has great visual interest in this clean and modern space. We also love the pairing with the strip area rug.

Love this! We have 3 windows in our kitchen spaced like this. Like the fabric and the look of the roman shades.:

 Ogee: Described as a bit of a mod look - another repeating pattern - it looks like strings of stacked onions.  This pattern comes in various scales and sizes and of course, colour combinations.  This is perfect for drapery but we love it as an accent pillow.  See the image below for an example of Ogee - the grey on grey in this print is so sophisticated but still visually interesting. 

The Madison Park Vella Comforter Set uses a woven jacquard fabrication to create a unique ogee design. The charcoal grey background provides the perfect base for the silver faux sequin motif.:

Suzani: likley a term you haven't heard but you will recognize this tribal influenced pattern. These patterns are based off of the tribal textiles of Central Asia, Suzani's feature colorful, circular shapes intertwined with vines, flowers, leaves, and fruits. Often seen in vibrant and bold colour combinations - so this is a pattern that makes a real statement! It's perfect for little pops like accent pillows or bold splashes like an accent chair or bedding. To maintain the focus on this bold print, keep the other piece simple and clean.  In the image below, the headboard and other bedding is just plain and simple, the bedside lighting is also simple, even the art is under stated - the bedding coverlet makes the statement and the overhead fixture makes a splash just a smaller one.  But this entire room works!

These 10 interiors are bursting with colour inspiration for your home.:

Ikat:  This is technically a term for the resist dyeing technique used to produce the painterly patterns seen on these fabrics. Similar to a tie dye, but ikat threads are dyed first, then constructed into cloth yielding the meandering look which is insanely popular right now.  It is a combination of this organic almost tribal feel paired with the geometry of fretwork or even a more floral damask feel - the line work is softer in appearance due to the technique, so if you don't like really clean lines this might be a good option for you.  Plus the colour possibilities are endless.  And it pairs beautifully with simple stripes. We love these Ikat upholstered dining chairs seats - the colour combination is fresh - it has a softer damask look which adds a bit of a casual nature to the room but still so chic.

Great color combo. Lovely little dining nook. {Great to use glass when space is limited to not block so much of the eye's view}.

Chevron: A repeating V or zig zag pattern, almost like a clean stripe just with a slight modification.  In recent ears - this pattern was seen everywhere from drapery to pillows to nurseries.  We saw this in every colour imaginable but the grey and white was probably the most popular.   It is still a classic even though it is no longer trending. It looks great as an accent pillow. Seeing the chevron in an area rug adds a pop to the room but because it is in neutral tones it isn't trendy. and this simple and neutral chevron is a great backdrop if you wanted to add some other patterns to the room like pillows for instance.

transitional gray living room | living room with coral accents from kerrie kelly tags gray and white ...:

Animal print: some say that an animal print is tacky but that is more about amount and application.  Animal prints in a neutral colour wave are a great way to add some fun or glamour into your space without bold injections of colour.  Animal print is  also true to nature so it works with anyone opting for a more natural look.  Many animal prints mix well with other prints so you really can have a lot of fun.  Don't go overboard with animal print everywhere and on everything - that's when it gets tacky!

Bliss at Home Fall Home Tour with animal print designer Jamil pillows, gold accents, black and white glam decor:

Polka-dots: Are another classic print - this works really well for kids rooms in a fabric or even vinyl decals on the wall.  This print can be bold depending on size/scale and colour combination but it can also be subtle.  Plus it works well with other prints -the polka dot sheets are a great backdrop for this WOW headboard - the polka dots add a bit of fun and whimsy to the room instead of a solid sheet.  You could also opt for the reverse - polka dots on the wall and plain sheets.

love the headboard.  Oui, la tête de lit est très jolie, mais tout l'ensemble de la chambre est original et frais, parfait pour une jeune fille.:

 When it comes to adding some print and pattern into your space, start off slow (especially if you aren't adventurous), add some accent pillows or bedding first - this is pretty low risk and easy to replace if you don't like it.  Next try a dining chair seat in upholstery (this is also a great and simple DIY project).  If you are loving the addition of pattern in your space - take the leap with drapery and an area rug.  Pattern is nothing to be afraid of - have some fun!!

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