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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - How to Layer your rugs

"I see cowhide rugs everywhere.  I purchased one but it's too small for my living room.  How can I use it ?"

Cowhide (real or faux) is a great way to add some natural animal elements to a room and also some texture.  We love how every cowhide is unique - it's adds a cool and organic element to a room.  But you are right the size can be tricky especially in a larger room. 

Try this - it's actually a great trick for any area rug that you want to use that's too small.

Layer it!

Yes, that's right - layer it!  OK let us explain.  The cowhide is going to add a great graphic pop or natural texture to your space.  Underneath the cowhide use another rug in the correct size - in a neutral tone (we highly recommend a rug that is close in tone to the wall to wall flooring).  We love the look of another natural textured rug like a sea grass or sisal or recycled leather but it doesn't have to be. 

Here are some examples:

Gray sofa with modern coffee tables, cowhide rug, and indoor plants. I love the layering of the rug!!:

Here the black and white cowhide is layered over a natural sisal - the mix of textures adds an extra element to the room.  Also the black and white pillows add even more visual interest in the space.

 Try layering multiple rugs in one room.  Keep the largest one in a neutral and then the medium one is next and lat the smallest.  Feel free to lay them in an off set manner.  They don't need to be completely centered and perfect. We like the look in this clean and modern space.  The walls being white allow for a 'busier' floor.  Notice the cream rug is layered with a black and white stripe and a cow hide.  It adds such a sophisticated feel to the space.

STYLING TIPS Layering Rugs, 4 Ways - Erika Brechtel:

This is also a great way to update a space that has wall to wall carpet

 Gray sofa with woven wall hanging, modern coffee table, white pouf and cowhide rug:

You might think that this technique doesn't make a difference but it does!  The larger rug pulls the eye out and wide and the smaller rug adds a pop of colour/print so the room still looks big and spacious whereas just having an area rug that's too small will make the room appear small as well. In order for this to be effective - the largest rug must be of the proper size for the room.

neutral midcentury living room via <a href="/citysage/" title="Anne Sage">@Anne Sage</a>:

You can also angle the rugs - they don't have to be straight on and centered. This can work in any room, too! 

BEFORE AFTER : Client Second Times a Charm // PART 2:

This is a great way to still use your favourite area rugs even though they are too small  !

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