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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

We Answer Wednesday - Wall decor Ideas (other than artwork)

"I'm looking for some ideas to decorate my empty wall space.  I do love art but I would like to see if there are other options out there that could add a unique look to my home"

Art and other wall decor pieces are a great way to add some visual interest in your space but it's also a great way to add colour and texture plus you can really show off your style through art.

We are seeing a lot of options for wall decor besides a stretched canvas or framed print.

Here are ideas:

1.  Fabric or Wall paper - you can use these material as an accent wall but why not frame them and have some creative wall panels. You can make these panels are big as you like and the really customize the look plus this is a great way to add some unique flair to a rental without losing your damage deposit.

FOCAL POINT STYLING: DIY Indigo Wall Art With Framed Fabric:

2. Wood - wood is going to be a big trend for 2016.  It has great texture, character and warmth too.  We will see a lot of wood in furniture but also art.  We certainly did see accent walls in reclaimed and distressed wood planks and fun signs but we are seeing wood in art as well.

3. Mirrors - this is not a new idea but one way to add some light to a room is to add a mirror.  there are so many shapes and styles of mirrors, too.  A mirrors looks great layered over an accent wall or on it's own.  Mirror gallery walls - so mirrors in different shapes and frames is another unique touch to a room.

Mirrors make a wall stand out so well. Love this gallery wall design.

4. Floating shelves - this is a clean and easy way to display a series of pieces you want to show off.  On a floating shelf anything can really work - framed photos, candles, decor pieces etc...For the shelves themselves you have lots of options in terms of colours and materials.

21 Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas | Page 15 of 21 | Worthminer - but with some colour and timber accents:

5. An oversized wall clock - this is both function and fashion.  This fills up the space and is visually appealing but it is also very useful.  there are so many styles of clocks to choose from too.  We love the aged clock in this image flanked by the candle sconces.

Enjoy the feeling of being at a coastal retreat all the time by decorating your living room with beachy accents like pillows, coral sculptures and light, airy shades.:

 6. Animal heads - so we have seen this trend for a few years now and maybe it has reached it's peak but we are seeing different and unexpected animal heads.  People are using them in different places too like kids rooms and nurseries.  We have also seen them in a variety of materials - papier mache, resin, faux fur, wood, metal and wire. They are nice in an eclectic gallery wall, or just on their own.  Trend or not, if you like it - go for it!

Nursery with faux animal heads mounted on wall:

 7. Maps - so this can be purely decorative but also educational.  It's a great addition if you love to travel - it's a great way to show off your interests through decor.  Map come is all sorts of shapes and sizes - full wall paper or oversized framed maps.  The colours vary too - soft 'aged' beige tones to bright and vivid colours.

3. Use old maps in your decor! Create awesome wall murals using old maps, or just frame some of them and hang them on your walls. Another idea is to decorate the lampshades with maps. The older, the better! You’ll love the result!:

8. Wall decals - wall vinyls have come a long way - they are easy to stick on and peel off.  There are so many possibilities too - inspirational quotes to images and everything in between. So this is another great option for someone living in a rental that wants to add some 'pop' to their space or for someone that changes their mind often.

Small hazel green little vinyl heart wall decals on a biege wall with a white drape on the left. In front of the wall is a pastel green chair with a white pillow and a small table with a white lamp on top.:

Which wall treatments do you like? Which ones have you used? What ever you decide make sure it suits you and your space and don't ever feel like you have to follow the latest trends!

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