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Monday, September 19, 2016

How to Decorate with Stripes

Stripes are a classic and even better they can work with any decor style!  If you have read any of our posts, you know that we love a print and mixing patterns.  So if you are thinking of trying out a pattern in your space consider a stripe - it's very transitional, it come in all scales and colours, too! You can't go wrong!  Not sure where to add this classic pattern? We have some ideas for you!

Wall treatment - whether it's wall paper or a streamlined paint job - try stripe son the wall.  You can get as big and bold as you like in terms of colour and scale - or opt for a classic neutral. It could fill an entire room or just an accent wall.  We also love to layer our patterns, so don't be shy to add some art, photography and mirrors over your striped wall.

The lines on the wall make the room seem taller and the wood work below them more prominent.:

Pillows - this is an easy addition (or subtraction) in a room.  Adding some printed pillows can completely elevate the look of your room.  There's just something about a pattern that adds a designer look to a space.  Some of the great things about pillows is that they aren't permanent, the selection is endless and they are affordable!  On a sofa, side chair, bed - they work everywhere!

grellow chairs with black and white striped pillows #home #decor:

Furniture - this might be an intimidating step for many but trust us!  A stripe furniture piece can really add a WOW factor to a space.  We do recommend sticking with a neutral palette if you are opting for a pattern piece - it's easier to work with long term as you want to change up your decor.  And for someone that likes neutrals this can add another sophisticated element to your room, mix it with some other patterns and some solid to give it a designer look.

Decorating with stripes indoors love the ceiling, pelican painting, and the room palette:

 Drapery - We love what window coverings can do to a space - from a functional side but also a decor side - sure they block the sunlight (or an unpleasant view) but also add a softness and again, visual interest in a room.  Whether it's panels or roman blinds - we love them both!  This is a great option for a living space, dining room and a bedroom - we love a stripe window treatment in a kids' room so timeless and it can grow up with them!

blue white striped draperies in coastal kids room:

Floor covering - we love area rugs in any room, they add another layer of softness, they are nice on bare feet,  they pull a room together and of course, it's another opportunity to add some pattern.  Area rugs can be pricey depending on the size and material you choose, so if you are concerned about budget consider a classic pattern like a stripe.  A stripe area rug is a classic (we have said this a few times, but it's true!).

Melbourne Home Ā· M...  The Design Files:

Outdoor furniture and accessories - decorating your outdoor living space is no longer boring! There are so many options for furniture, umbrellas and accessories, too.  We love the look of a stripe in an outdoor space, it's so fresh and clean! Pillows, umbrellas, cushions and even rugs - it's up to you!

 Outdoor Decor: Outdoor living can be a stylish extension of your living area. This small balcony was converted into a cozy space by adding a bold, striped rug from HomeGoods and comfy seating for lounging and entertaining. Tip: Pick a bright accent color and keep everything around it neutral such as black and white. This will create a refreshing modern space! (Sponsored Pin):

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