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Monday, November 30, 2009

The writing's on the wall....

I was out with some friends on the weekend and they were talking about their home renovation more specifically their paint colours. They asked about accent walls and if they were still "in". I was explaining to them what is happening with the accent wall, so I thought I would share.

A few years ago the "accent wall" consisted of a bright colour that would take a lot of guts to cover all of the walls of a room. We were seeing a lot of bold, dramatic colours such as red and rich brown. But the accent wall has come a long way and there are many options.

1 -- Wall paper is back and being used in small spaces such as powder rooms or as an accent wall in a dining room or bedroom. Make sure the wall is a focal point in the space.

2 -- Stone or ceramic. A bit more expensive but it adds beautiful texture in a space. This works best in a large living room or kitchen, but stay neutral as this cannot be changed as often as wall paper or paint.

3 -- Chalk board paint. This is best in an office, children's bedroom, family room and even the kitchen. It looks best with messages and doodles in chalk as it breaks up the darkness.

4 -- A collage of art or mirrors. I really like this look when the pieces are of different shapes and sizes. It looks like a large puzzle on a wall and makes a major impact.

5 -- Wall tattoos. Easy to apply and inexpensive but my preference is in a small space like a bathroom or a hallway.

The painted accent wall is still a popular look. A lot of people like the pop of colour. You are seeing it a little less in magazines but in the end it's your home and it needs to reflect your taste and style. If you are still committed to the accent wall, here's some advice:

1-- Choose a colour that works with the rest of your home decor. A big lime green wall might not jive with the main colour of your home or the style of furniture.

2 -- Accent walls work best in large open spaces.

3 --Choose a wall with architectural interest or a focal point such a fireplace. The colour pop will bring more attention to the feature.

4 --The chosen colour should coordinate with your accessories too.

5 -- Be sure that the other wall colour works with your accent colour. Check out any home improvement stores paint section and you will find pre-selected paint combinations which work beautifully together. These are fail safe.

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Be my guest

Now that the holiday season is upon us, you may be expecting some guests. Here are some great ideas to improve the look of your guest room and to make your visitor feel welcome.

1 -- Keep your colour scheme classic and neutral. Since the guest room is only used occasionally you want it to stay stylish without up dating it regularly.

2 -- Keep a closet and a drawer or two empty so long term guests feel comfortable. Living out of a suitcase can be uncomfortable.

3 -- If the room allows have a chair in the space for sitting and relaxing - again creating a comfortable atmosphere.

4 -- Have extra blankets and towels in the room already laid out for your visitors.

5 -- Make sure you have some task lighting on the bedside tables for reading.

6 -- Keep an inviting stack a magazines in the guest room.

7 -- Set up a small TV or radio

8 -- Have a small bowl or empty dish, a perfect spot for guests to keep their watch and jewellery

9 -- Take a cue from a chic hotel and leave a small box of chocolates and a bottle of water.

10 -- A small bouquet is the perfect touch for welcoming anyone to your home.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2010 Decor Trends

Fashion and Home Fashion have often echoed each other but often a season or two behind each other. In 2010, you will notice that the two types of fashion will be on the same page in the same season. Here are the up coming decor trends for 2010!

1 -- Grey. All shades and tones will be seen for walls, furniture and accessories. You will also be seeing a lot of grey kitchen cabinets. A great way to introduce greys to a room full of brown is to bridge the two colours together with some taupe accents. Taupe is a blend of the two colours and can help make an easier transition from brown to grey.

2 -- Black. Yes, Black! Just like your clothing black adds drama and sex appeal. You will see many black accessories for rooms that are traditionally dramatic such as the dining room and the master bedroom. You will even see black wall treatments in stencils, wall paper and paint. If you are hesitant to try black on your walls, try throw pillows, throw blankets and artwork instead.

3 -- Metallic, especially gold. Gold is making a huge impact but be careful not to go overboard. You will be seeing some metallic accents in wall papers and also in accessories. A little gold can go a long way.

4 -- Matte and sheen together. Stick to colour tones that work together, shades of grey work really well with this trend. Keep your bigger pieces matte and add sparkle with accessories. We will even be seeing area rugs with subtle sheen. Sheen is great year round and not just for the holiday season. Look for sparkly vases, trays and other bobbles.

5 -- Day beds. This trend works best in over sized rooms such as a great room or a large master bedroom. The day bed screams luxury and is perfect for morning coffee, evening cocktails or a cat nap in the afternoon. Add pillows and throws for comfort and style.

6 -- Gloss and semi-gloss paint. You will be seeing this type of finish on walls in 2010 and not just trim. again, it adds that sparkle but in a subtle way and it's also very easy to clean!

7 -- Tartan and Tweed. Think traditional Ralph Lauren, equestrian and English Countryside. This look is not a loud one but it's very luxurious and involves a lot of layers. The colour tones are very neutral (cream, beige, camel, caramel) and involves texture from menswear but used for pillows and upholstery. Sweater knits as blankets too.

8 -- "Rich Hippie" or Boho chic. This look also involves a lot of layering but of different types of materials and styles. This look involves natural elements (driftwood, stone, wool and fur). This look is also a blend of comfort and luxury. This style should be or at least look like the various pieces were collected from travels not from a trip to the store. Blending various textures and colours is key and the mantra is - more is more. This look does look best when there is some kind of colour palette.

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