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Friday, January 14, 2011

Keep your home healthy

It seems like everyone is sick these days. I know everyone in my house has the flu which is very unpleasant so let this be a reminder to keep your home healthy with regular check ups and some 'at-home' prevention too.

Clothes Dryer

- after every load of laundry, clean out the lint filter

- clean the dryer vent and exhaust duct too


- clean the inside regularly using a scrub brush and some mild soap or baking soda

- don't try to repair a broken fridge if you do not know what you are doing, you could do way more harm than good!


- wipe excess crumbs from the interior and stove top as well

- wipe and scrub down the oven racks too


- clean the inside walls

- clean the removable glass tray

Smoke Detector

- remember to have one on each floor

- vacuum the detectors

- replace the batteries each season

Computer, cellphone and other

- wipe down these surfaces (remote controls too) with disinfecting wipes especially during cold and flu season

A clean home is a healthy (and happy) home.

Treat your appliances with TLC and you will have a long, happy and healthy life together!

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Paint colour trends for 2011

What will be "all the rage" for paint colours this coming year?

You will be seeing a lot of splash and fun 'pop' colours. Because paint is such an easy and inexpensive way to transform any room, in 2011 the colours will have more vibrancy and brilliance that ever before. If you aren't too adventurous, try these colours in room such as a powder room or laundry room. Neutrals are always in style too, in 2011 shades of grey and still gorgeous and so are the organic hues.

1 -- Lime Green. Looks great in a kid's room or playroom. Lots of energy and movement with this colour. Can work in a condo or a family home. Check out Sico in Pastis 6121-42

2 -- Smoke Grey. This is less pop and more posh. Looks great in a master bedroom or living room. Can be on the darker side so be sure to balance with lighter artwork and other furnishings. Take a closer look at Benjamin Moore in Smoke 2122-40

3 -- Fern Green. A more sophisticated cousin to the lime green. This colour is calming and soothing but does add some energy too. Works in a master suite or guest suite. Check out Beauti-Tone Paints in Fern SD019

4 -- Soft Grey. Still seeing a lot of grey this year, this would be for the non-adventurous type. It shows as a soft silver and if you are looking for a perfectly soft paint colour to show off your furniture and art this would work well in that space. Take a look at Farrow & Ball in Elephant's Breath 229

5-- Lemon Yellow. A big, bold but happy colour! Great for accents and stencils like in a children's room or even a workspace. Check out Sico in Slightly Sour 6097-42

6 -- Hot Pink. Definitely another bold choice but really works when paired with classic neutrals like the soft grey. Again, great for an accent like in a master bedroom. Definitely daring but modern and fun - perfect for a strong,single female on her own. Take a closer look at Benjamin Moore in Royal Flush 2076-20

7 -- Dark Teal. Not turquoise! This colour is bold but rich. Perfect for a man cave or man's office space. Add some dark wood furniture, leather sofa and club chairs and some photography or framed memorabilia and you have a classicmale space. Check out Behr's Almost Famous T11-6

8--Boho Brown. If your style is folklore chic and you love to collect and display beautifully handcrafted pieces, you need a wall colour that compliments but also can handle the supporting role. Farrow & Ball's London Clay 244 is rich and elegant but works so beautifully with hippie chic.

9 -- Sand. Love the beachy feel but without the sand in all of those hard to clean places? Then put the colour on your wall. Colours that are organic and true to nature are still going strong this year. Take a look at Sico colours such as Seashore Pebble 6230-31 and Whitish Clay 6213-21

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 - Time for a change

Well 2011 is here! What are your new year's resolutions? The new year is always a great time to refresh, rejuvenate and renew - so why not make some changes to your environment??

You don't need a lot of money or any to make some changes in your space to make it feel fresh and new just some creativity!

Try making your bed in a new way - check out this link for four fun ways to re-dress your bed

Try switching up how you place your pillows and throw blankets on your sofa . Keep pillows and blankets crisp and streamlined for a sleek look or try keeping it more laid-back by placing the pieces in a casual and relaxed way. If you have different size and colour/pattern pillows move them onto other furniture pieces that can really change your room.

You could try moving the furniture in a different placement. for example in the winter position the major pieces so they are facing the fireplace.

Change up your sofa and coffee table decor pieces with items you find around the house. Books, photos, decorative bowls, collectibles like shells etc...can really change the mood and ambiance of the space.

In the kitchen, add some natural elements like bamboo, flowers or even sticks (very low maintenance) on your kitchen island. A fruit bowl can also add colour and a welcoming feeling for guests.

Create a gallery in a hallway or up the stairs using family photos. It's a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by family and a great use of photo frames (I find many people have a bunch lying around that they received as gifts) check out this link for some ideas on how to create a gallery wall

In the bathroom create a display area using basic bathroom items and some empty glass vases. In my bathroom we have an open shelving piece where I mostly have wicker baskets but I kept one shelf open and used glass vases filled with bars of soap, cotton balls and Epsom salts it was easy, inexpensive and gives the space a spa-feel.

Start the new year off with a bang and create a beautiful space that will inspire and refresh the new you!!

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