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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Celebrity Style: Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet

The architecture and design in California has a specific character to it that I’ve always loved. The Spanish influence has always been very strong, even to this day. It is part of what makes the California style so charming. The home of Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet in Los Angeles definitely captures all of that charm and then some. It puts a masculine spin on it, taking queues from Mexican art and design to create a space that is sophisticated, but comfortable.
I love the use of texture and pattern in this home. Take a look at the home tour to get some wonderful inspiration…

Inside a Modern Family Star's Los Angeles House

The living room is a place for gathering and relaxing with a warm palette and comfortable furniture. Even the dog looks comfortable!

Eric Stonestreet House - Eric Stonestreet and Nathan Turner - House Beautiful

The design of the fireplace mantel is unique and brings a masculine touch to the space. The lanterns add some style and extra ambiance. Greenery always adds life to any space, just look for plants that complement your design and style....

Just say "YES" to this dining room!!! Love the formality without the pretentiousness. Very comfortable.

Each room has it's own identity yet they still flow beautifully into one another.  The dining room has a beautiful over sized lantern light fixture which gives the space a timeless yet casual look and the neutral wallpaper adds sophistication without  being stuffy.  In this space the dark stained wood beams add character and texture plus they make the high ceilings more warm and intimate.  The mounted deer head adds a rustic touch but in white it adds a bit of modernity....

Tiled Niche - Eric Stonestreet House - Eric Stonestreet and Nathan Turner - House Beautiful

I love a vignette and this one is not exception.  The combination of warm wood tones, the pattern in both the tile and the fabrics and the colour choice just make this a cozy corner and compliment the entire look and feel of the home

Master Bedroom  In the master bedroom, lavender accents contrast against walls in Phillip Jeffries's Donegal Grey tweed. - Eric Stonestreet House - House Beautiful

This master bedroom is a beautiful balance of hard and soft materials.  The bedside table and the upholstered headboard are a perfect compliment to one another.  The colour palette, textures and patterns make this a bedroom that's just so soothing and relaxing to come home to.  The art and mirror gallery arrangement is also very unique but very comfortable

window treatment + cushions! Eric Stonestreet House - Eric Stonestreet and Nathan Turner - House Beautiful

This guest bedroom is again just beautiful!  The colour palette is classic and warm, perfect for guests!  The bold stripe headboard would be too much in many cases but this colour combination and neutral wall make it work.  The roman shade, the art and the bench seating add visual impact to the space without being over whelming...

You can decorate an entire home with neutrals but in order to keep it visually interesting play with textures, layers and mix all neutrals together
Each space flows well together but has their own identity. The dining room is covered in a neutral wallpaper for added warmth, while a large lantern serves as an apropos lighting choice over the table. - See more at:

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

DIY for Dummies

We all get bored of the same look over time, so having something that has lost its shine, or has become very outdated gives you that perfect excuse to get your hands dirty! It is very hard not to take the easy road and go buy what everyone else is buying, something brand new, leaving you no other option than to toss that old object away.
Little do you know that a few simple steps for a do it yourself project isn’t as hard as they look! With just the right patterns of fabric or the right colour of stain/paint, it can make a HUGE difference – and yes, of course also the right accessories to finish it off!

Upholstering that old chair in your basement can be fun, invite a friend over and get to work. You can easily create a beautiful accent chair that no one will be able to buy in stores!


There are many ways you can love that old piece of furniture again without breaking the bank! Refinishing something gives it that custom one-of-a-kind look, and gives you something to show off at those dinner parties!

Some ideas are to stop in at a second hand store and find an old coffee table, bench, or chair and buy it for cheap (if you don’t already have anything lying around at home).

It is very easy to take that first look at something and think that can never be beautiful, but if you put your mind to it, it WILL look amazing!




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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

IDS Toronto 2015 : what we saw and loved in tiles....

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to attend the trade day portion of IDS in Toronto, Canada.  We saw some amazing pieces and looks, here are some of the highlights that caught our eye.

these tiles were everywhere at IDS 2015 Toronto.  They look amazing especially with a simple kitchen

Patterned tiles:  these were almost everywhere.  They look a little crazy but they look sensational as a back splash with a basic kitchen.  We also saw these as an accent in bathrooms.

Tile shape: Another trend in tiles is the hexagon shape. Ceragres had an excellent display for both floors and walls with this shape. The colours were very neutral (although there are many many choices) but the shape is so interesting!


 It just adds an interesting twist to any space (and we are looking at hexagon tiles for our next project, too)  The IKEA kitchen display even had hexagon floor tiles!

 Another shape we saw was the 'lozange' . Again, nothing too wild but just a twist to add to your space. what was great is that the colour waves were still very classic but the shape adds the next level of sophistication to the space.

 Arabesque tiles were also a new and interesting shape.  It adds something new to a classic kitchen or bathroom.  It's an elevated look in the room and adds visual interest.  You can still keep a neutral colour palette.

Gorgeous kitchen with white cabinets with polished nickel hardware alongside black quartz countertops and a pale gray arabesque tiled backsplash. The undermount kitchen sink pairs with a gooseneck bridge faucet below upper cabinets with glass detail.

Herringbone tile formation: again another tile trend we saw a lot of at IDS and we loved!  Again it's visually interesting and makes an impact with going over the top. 


This was seen in flooring and on walls. although this image is a more traditional look depending on the actual tile you could create a more modern or contemporary look.

And finally the last tile trend we saw a lot of at IDS was the 'wood' tile.  Basically floor tiles that look like wood from a style standpoint they look great and comes in many sizes (we like the 8" x 36"). 


And there is a range of looks - reclaimed wood (even a look with old paint residue), light to dark stain, grey tones, white tones and brown tones and some have great texture too! For a busy house hold this is a great option as it doesn't scratch plus if you love the look of hardwood in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchen but you are nervous about water damage this is for you!  It look incredible installed and in the showroom and apparently is something we will be seeing a lot of in new condos....

Overall, shape was the biggest trend we saw.  For the most part colours were neutral (ranging from taupes, beiges, whites, greys and some shades of blue and green and some metallic, too) but herringbone, hexagon, lozange, and arabesque were hot!  And the 'wood' tile was also a big favourite!  If you are not convinced that these 'wood' tiles are for you, definitely check out a showroom near you - I'm sure you will be convinced (I was)

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We Answer Wednesday - Wanting Wallpaper

Can you use the same wallpaper...a sort of monotone paper, repeatedly throughout a floor...hallway, guest bath, etc? Or should you keep it to one room?

When it comes to using wallpaper in residential and commercial spaces, the rules are a bit different.  Commercial grade wall paper is a great way to add detail that will also handle the wear and tear so we do see this repetition of wallpaper in a space.  So you might see a solid tone wallpaper in a hallway, bathroom and suite and because of the size and scale of the space (and usually the subtlety of the actual wallpaper itself) it doesn't seem overwhelming, so it works!


In a residential space the rules are a bit different.  And wallpaper  nowadays is used to make a focused statement or an impact in a space.  Using the same wall paper in multiple rooms is a bit of a dated look but there is no reason you can't use a few different wall papers in a home. If you really love wall paper and want it everywhere you can opt for a traditional wall panels with chair rail painted out in your trim colour and wall paper the top.  What keeps that look more modern and fresh? Your choice of wall paper!

For instance when using wall paper as an accent, a great bold wall paper in a powder room makes a big impact (it is best on the wall of the vanity and mirror) and you could use an entirely different wall paper in a guest bedroom or the master bedroom.  I would suggest not using wall paper in every room as it will lose it's impact.

Exclusive: Tour Claire Thomas’ Mod House on Stilts via @domainehome // Hicks wallpaper and Jonathan Adler sconces in guest bathroom.

To get a cohesive look throughout the home, use the wall paper you love and pull some colours from the print.  In this image of a wall paper accent wall in a bathroom , you could work with the blue, the white or even the subtle gold tone or just introduce a neutral like a soft grey or taupe.  Use paint to also make a statement in your space and still highlight the fabulous wall paper. If you love wall paper and really want to use a few different wall papers that's fine too just don't over do it and lose the effect!

This image is an open concept condo space where they have decorated with multiple wall papers.  You have a bold geometric teardrop pattern and a black and white forest motif and don't miss the bold turquoise wall this would work better if the space wasn't so open or if there was a common thread between all of the colours and wall paper choices. 

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Bathroom Accessories

“I’m always struggling to find accessories for my bathroom. I have no idea what a good bathroom accessory is. Any suggestions?”

Great question! Often a room that is overlooked, bathrooms should be beautiful too! Bathroom accessories are what personalize a space and are a great place to add fun colour you may not have anywhere else in your home.

Try adding colored or patterned towels to your space. There are so many great colours and options, you can choose anything! If you’re stuck, try choosing a colour out of your shower curtain and adding that. No shower curtain? Neutral with a pattern with add that visual interest you’re looking for. Of course, if your bathroom is already bright and colourful.. a clean, crisp neutral with a subtle pattern will add that extra pop!


Small fake plants are a nice touch. There are many plants that are artificial but you can even tell! Choose a plant to place on your countertop or on another surface you have such as a shelf, toilet, edge of a bathtub. 

 Relaxing vignette in bathroom, epsom salts in a pretty jar, very practical and easy to recreate

I love candles in a bathroom. I think it gives the space a serene feel and they smell great! Beautiful candle holders, or just candles on their own are another great layer to add to the bathroom accessory list. You can have one large or a grouping of smaller ones. Choose something you love.

 I would do a little longer shelf not so cramped--and not keep towels on top since I have a linen closet. but the pegs under a shelf is really pretty! or a scroll work wood with pegs on it? would be perfect for my towel and my robe!!!

Art is a nice touch as well. Somewhere in the bathroom you will likely have a bit of wall space for a small piece or two. Add something that goes nicely with your previously selected colour palette. It doesn’t have to all be the same as what you have but something with a hint of consistency will blend beautifully into the space.

 Framed Fabric as Wall Art --for in the guest bath & guest room

Small trays for jewelry and personal items are a functional and pretty option to keep on the countertop. Choose something shiny!  Maybe something that matches the handles in your bathroom such as gold, chrome or brass. The continuation of similar metals makes your space look well thought out, and very harmonious.   But don't leave too much jewelry on display or anything really expensive!

 mirrored dresser-top tray  pottery barn

The key is to repeat a colour. Having 7 different colours, patterns and textures may seem like a good idea, but it will likely just have an eclectic feel. Try to use some consistency and repeat an accent colour you have already started with.  

 Home Staging - Bathroom

And for anyone looking to sell their home, don't forget about staging your bathroom it really sets the scene for buyers.  The bathroom is a hot spot that buyers look for so show it off with simple accessories. Create that 'dream' bathroom for those buyers!


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