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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Wanting Wallpaper

Can you use the same wallpaper...a sort of monotone paper, repeatedly throughout a floor...hallway, guest bath, etc? Or should you keep it to one room?

When it comes to using wallpaper in residential and commercial spaces, the rules are a bit different.  Commercial grade wall paper is a great way to add detail that will also handle the wear and tear so we do see this repetition of wallpaper in a space.  So you might see a solid tone wallpaper in a hallway, bathroom and suite and because of the size and scale of the space (and usually the subtlety of the actual wallpaper itself) it doesn't seem overwhelming, so it works!


In a residential space the rules are a bit different.  And wallpaper  nowadays is used to make a focused statement or an impact in a space.  Using the same wall paper in multiple rooms is a bit of a dated look but there is no reason you can't use a few different wall papers in a home. If you really love wall paper and want it everywhere you can opt for a traditional wall panels with chair rail painted out in your trim colour and wall paper the top.  What keeps that look more modern and fresh? Your choice of wall paper!

For instance when using wall paper as an accent, a great bold wall paper in a powder room makes a big impact (it is best on the wall of the vanity and mirror) and you could use an entirely different wall paper in a guest bedroom or the master bedroom.  I would suggest not using wall paper in every room as it will lose it's impact.

Exclusive: Tour Claire Thomas’ Mod House on Stilts via @domainehome // Hicks wallpaper and Jonathan Adler sconces in guest bathroom.

To get a cohesive look throughout the home, use the wall paper you love and pull some colours from the print.  In this image of a wall paper accent wall in a bathroom , you could work with the blue, the white or even the subtle gold tone or just introduce a neutral like a soft grey or taupe.  Use paint to also make a statement in your space and still highlight the fabulous wall paper. If you love wall paper and really want to use a few different wall papers that's fine too just don't over do it and lose the effect!

This image is an open concept condo space where they have decorated with multiple wall papers.  You have a bold geometric teardrop pattern and a black and white forest motif and don't miss the bold turquoise wall this would work better if the space wasn't so open or if there was a common thread between all of the colours and wall paper choices. 

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