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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

We Answer Wednesday - The Copper Craze

“ I love the look of copper, but have no idea where to incorporate it in my kitchen. Where is the best place to add copper accents without overdoing it?”

Metal accents are a classic design choice that we are seeing everywhere this year, and will be HUGE in 2015. There are many places in your home you can add copper to your home décor such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathrooms. The main place we will be seeing copper is in the kitchen. Copper accents are something that works with every décor style. Contemporary, modern, traditional, rustic, industrial, country .. you name it. It’s a very versatile metal, so don’t worry about adding it into your home – it’s going to look fabulous!


We are seeing lots of kitchen cookware in copper. Copper is being used not only in cookware, but we are seeing lots of copper mugs, vases and decorative accents. If you are looking to incorporate it on a larger scale, try changing the pendants or light fixtures in your kitchen.



Another place we are seeing more and more copper is in kitchen backsplashes. This definitely a bold design choice, but it looks incredible. It is a super versatile option. Here it is shown in a modern kitchen, but is also great with transitional, country and traditional décor. 


Looking for a kitchen update? Incorporating a copper faucet and changing your cabinet hardware to copper will be an instant improvement without re-facing your cabinets or doing a drastic reno!


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