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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We Answer Wednesday - Coffee table Conundrum

"I've been looking for a coffee table but I can't find one I like.  Any suggestions?"

There are many coffee table options on the market ranging from glass, metal, wood and more but if you aren't finding anything you like maybe it's time to try something unexpected.  Instead of a coffee table, boost your room's style and function with a clever alternative....

An Upholstered Bench - it provides a comfortable spot to put up your feet after a long day and can be used as extra seating when entertaining.  And when you a need a flat serving surface - add a sturdy tray!  This is a great option especially if you are living in a smaller space.  Plus benches come in a variety of sizes so you can opt for something narrower for a small space or an over sized option for a larger living room

A Trunk - trunks come in a variety of materials ranging from metal, wicker and wood and if you cruise the vintage stores you may be in luck and find a cool distressed trunk with some real character.  You can achieve a multitude of styles depending on the finish you choose.  Wicker gives a more relaxed country feel, metal can give you an industrial element and a wood trunk depending on the style could give a clean contemporary or global accent look.  But a trunk gives a great surface space for serving or just displaying great books or decor pieces but also provides storage for extra blankets, DVD's, board games or even serving pieces that don't fit in the kitchen

Garden Stools - A pair of stools or even small ottomans are easy to move around in a small space.  Set two side-by-side, then separate them to use as an extra perch when you are in a pinch.  Garden stools add a touch of femininity to a space as they usually have a floral inspired cut outs and the have a roundness about them.  They also come in range of colours so you can really express your style!

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