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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We Answer Wednesday - All About Accent Walls

“I love the look of accent walls, but I’m nervous to do it in my home. How do I decide which wall I should add the accent to? And what colour should I do?” 

Using an accent wall in your home adds so many different elements to a room. A pop of colour showcases your personality, adds interest and a focal point to a room. The options are endless! You can add a bold paint colour, patterned wallpaper, neutral tones, a pattern with paint, a solid wallpaper ... you can do whatever you want, it’s your home! Adding an accent wall is a great and inexpensive way to update a room without a huge price tag and commitment. If this is your first time adding a accent wall to your home, we suggest not going too crazy with the colour you chose


Having an accent wall in an open concept space helps to define certain areas of the home without having the put up walls, similar to how having area rugs help to separate the spaces.
But there are a few questions you have to ask yourself before you create an accent wall..
What is the style of the room you want to add an accent wall to?
If your room is very neutral and traditional adding a super bold colour like a solid orange may be way too much. It won’t flow nicely.. and it will likely be the only thing you’ll notice in the room. You want your accent wall to be just that, a nice accent. Not an eyesore. If your room is full of blue tones.. maybe adding a navy accent wall, or a wallpaper with blue tones throughout. Adding an accent wall looks best when there is some harmony through the space. Having an all blue room and then a yellow wall may not flow the way you expected. Now, having a pattern with blues and the addition of yellow throughout as well may be the perfect balance.

Create a focal point.
If you’re unsure which wall to paint an accent wall.. just think about which wall you want to be the focal point of the room. Do you have a wall with a fireplace that is a prominent feature in the space? Paint that wall! Or a couch and art you want to emphasize. For bedrooms, the wall the bed is against is a common wall to add an accent to, it really makes the bed stand out. Maybe you have a really beautiful dresser and mirror on one wall, paint the wall behind that to make a statement and accentuate the beautiful furniture. In a dining room, a great wall to paint is the one you see as you walk in, the view of the table and lighting and then a bold statement wall behind will create a lovely focal point as well. 

The options truly are endless. Try to make the room flow and use colours that aren’t completely random to your space. If you have lots of beige and taupes, a chocolate brown accent wall makes sense. Staying within the colour family you have currently, is a no fail rule to create a beautiful space for a home décor newbie. 

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