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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tips for Decorating a Boys Bedroom

Tips for Decorating a Boys Bedroom

There are so many cute boys’ bedroom décor options between the duvet, artwork, rugs and furniture. It can be overwhelming! But how do you narrow down what exactly to buy? Depending on the age of your child, and his tastes, most people don’t want to have to change the room once a year as their child grows up. In this blog we’ll help you determine where it’s best to spend, and where it’s best to save.

Buy quality furniture.
Furniture is something that they don’t have to grow out of for a lot of years. Once your child is old enough to have a twin bed, that’s something he could have for 10 years. Buying a quality bed is a good investment, since quality will stand the test of time. Buying a cheap bed will likely need to be replaced in 2-3 years. And doing that a few times over the years will end up costing you more than if you had invested in a solid piece earlier.
Purchase a quality dresser. Another piece of furniture your child will have for 10 + years. If it is a classic style and finish, it won’t be something he will tire of. A quality dresser is something that can last forever. It can go to college when it’s time! This is another item that is definitely worth the investment.
A desk is something that is also a great investment. This is a personal preference for parents, because many kids may not get homework done in their bedrooms. If your kids need supervision during homework time, this may not be a necessity for your household.

The less expensive items.
The accessories are the items that are interchangeable. As your child grows, naturally his tastes will change. When he is five maybe he loves superman and cars.. but that isn’t something that he is necessarily going to love when he is 11.
These smaller ticket items aren’t going to set you back a whole lot of money.

Buying a neutral duvet cover is a great idea. Choose a colour palette that won’t get tiresome and add the accessories that are less expensive in. Throw pillows, a cozy blanket and some fun sheets are a great place to add a favourite superhero or maybe sports accessories! Many places such as West Elm Kids, Pottery Barn Kids, and Ikea have quality accessories that wont break the bank! Inexpensive kids artwork is available through many retailers and websites.. whether it be cartoons, cars or animals, it is a great addition to a space without being locked in forever.
Flor Tiles are another great option for a kids room. Most kids have a play area in their bedroom, but buying an area rug can really run up a bill. These carpet tiles can be pealed and replaced should something happen to one of them for anywhere between 12-25 dollars per tile.
Remember to have fun when decorating for a kids room! You want them to love it and showcase their personality at the same time.

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