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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

We Answer Wednesday - Workspaces in Small Spaces

“My house is quite small and I don’t have a lot of excess space. I am tired of having my home office at my kitchen table. I don’t need much, just a desk and a chair so there is an area specific to my work. What are some suggestions for a work space in my home?”

Stress no more! There are many creative ways to incorporate a home office into a small space. It doesn’t have to be a large surface… just enough to put a desk, chair and some storage. Organization is really important when designing a small work space. You don’t want your work space to be crowded with papers and books, so along with a desk, storage is very important. The goal here is not to create an eyesore, and that’s what clutter is. A lot of times, a small work space is out in the open, and not always concealed behind a door, so make sure you have options to keep yourself organized. 

Another great thing about a small work space is that it is relatively budget friendly. You don’t need a lot, so therefore, you typically won’t have to spend a lot!
Lots of big box companies, such as IKEA, create furniture that is designed for small spaces such as condos and dorm rooms, so there are definitely pieces out there for what you’re looking for. As for where to put it, here are a few suggestions:

1. Using a Book Shelf in the Corner of a Room:

This is a great way to pack a whole lot of function into a very small space. The key here is using all the height you can. But using the vertical space, you have all you need, a flat desk surface, and lots of storage. This whole concept will take no more than 3’ of width and 3’ of depth (to put a chair, or a cube to sit on.)

Under the stairs in a home is often an unused space for the simple fact that no one knows what to put there. Often people put tables, or chests for storage, or a chair and small table to fill the space. But instead of just using this area as a space that is untouched and just pretty, make it functional! In the photo above, you can see that there is not a ton of space here, just a wall mounted desk that’s approximately 30” wide with a corkboard for organization and a colourful, stylish chair to finish it off. This is a great use of space for any home – but especially a smaller one.

14 key decorating strategies | Strategy No. 5: Integrate workspaces |

This is such a great option for a home work space. Do you have a guest room or hall closet that you could empty and do this? Again, you don’t need much space, just a flat space for a computer and shelves to take advantage of the vertical space. This is so easy to do and such a neat way to have a home office. A bonus here is that once you’re finished working, you just shut your closet doors and no one knows it there or has to see the mess or what you’ve been working on.

4. Double Duty:


Having rooms do double duty is always an option as well. While you think having a workspace in your living room would be intrusive, depending the on the furnishing you chose, it will just blend right in. Choosing large bulky furniture will of course, draw attention to that space, but choosing, sleek, streamlined furniture, your office will blend in better. By adding a fun chair, and some colourful accents, such as a pillow on the chair, art above the desk, colourful desk accessories, the space will look planned, and not like an afterthought.

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