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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We Answer Wednesdays - Should we paint our wood trim?

Should we paint our wood trim?

Couples have been debating this very question for decades and usually the answer is “yes”.  More often than not stained wood trim makes a home look dated. And, depending on the wood (think lots of knots)  the look can be a bit ‘cabin-y’. But here are three different solutions to your trim dilemma. 

1.        1.  All white – if you are a traditionalist, you can’t go wrong with white.  If you have wide Historic mouldings, use a semi-gloss finish to play up the profile (and for easier cleaning). Be sure to match the paint choice for the trim and doors (and the chair rail and panel moulding, too)
Best whites for trim: ‘popped corn’ W-B-200 by Behr, ‘simply white’ oc-117 by Benjamin Moore and ‘pointing’ 2003 by farrow& ball

In this image, we see the classic white trim.  The built-ins, ceiling and trim are all in the one white tone – it looks so clean and crisp again the taupe walls.

1.       2.  Same colour as the walls – for a bold decorator look, paint the trim the same hue as the walls.  Washing a room in a single colour helps a small space feel grand.  It’s also a clever way not to highlight an unsubstantial trim.

In this image, there is a lot of colour and some funky pattern too, so this all one colour wall and trim solution really works! We focus on the light fixture, furniture, the art and bold colour instead of the trim.

3.      3.   Darker casings and doors – create an edgy look by painting doors and casings a dramatic contrasting colour, while keeping the rest of the mouldings the same shade as the walls
Best blacks: Beluga (770F-7) by Behr, Black Iron 2120-20 by Benjamin Moore, and Tricorn Black SW 6258 by Sherwin-Williams

See this image for some inspiration, the dark casings, doors and floor are dramatics and glamorous and the warm white walls are the perfect canvas for art mirrors and other decor

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