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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Your Curb Appeal Checklist

Many home sellers tend to neglect the appearance of their frontage when in fact the “curb appeal” is as important as the main living areas in the house. Spring is finally here and now it's time to really focus on making the exterior of your home look top notch!  Just because potential buyers scope out homes online and can really focus on the home's interior (and the inside of your home has been upgraded and maintained) doesn't mean that the exterior maintenance of your home is no longer important. When buyers come in for a showing, remember that it is the first thing that will greet them and you have to make a good impression.


So, before hitting the panic button, here’s a quick checklist of the things that you need to cover and get done before a showing.


- Make sure walk, porches and decks are swept clean
- Make sure the lawn is manicured and maintained
-  For highly visible areas, like the front garden you may want to consider some professional landscaping or at least planting some plants and flowers; and choose plants that work with the season
- Repair any broken steps, replacing missing paving stones...
- Clip shrubs, weed flower beds and remove any dead branches


- Clean exterior light bulb
- Replace burnt out light bulbs
- Make sure your lighting matches and that is compliments the look of the home
- Make sure there is sufficient lighting at the front porch and driveway
- Keep your exterior lights on after dusk, you never know who might be driving by to look at your home


- Pick a doormat that will help keep from dirt transferring into your home
- Stay away from a personalized doormat, remember this isn't your home anymore....
- Find a doormat that works with the decor of your home
- Buy a new new doormat, it's not expensive

 The "Welcoming Process" Begins At The Front Door. Without Spending A Lot Of Money, Begin With The Harmony "Color" Can Offer.


- Spruce up the front door with a new coat of paint
- When planting or updating your garden looks for some colourful options
- A bright pop of colour can make an impact be sure to choose the right colour(s)
- Use colour at the entry (interior or exterior) a little bench with a colourful pillow is warm and welcoming
- Add some planters (ideally one taller than the other) and plant some seasonal flowers and plants 

Items like a great bench with pillows and planters can come with you to your next home so don't feel like you are 'wasting' money to sell your current home's worth it to sell and you will have the benefit of enjoying those items later. 

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