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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

We Answer Wednesdays - Ideas to position the TV that aren't over the fireplace

What are some options for flanking a floor to ceiling fireplace made of stone...other than built in shelving? One side would have to incorporate a small TV. I don't want to mount the TV on the fireplace..,the mantle is too high do it would be very uncomfortable to watch.

That's a great question..... 

Not everyone likes the look or sees the practicality of positioning a wall mounted TV above the fireplace and if you have a beautiful stone fireplace you may not like the idea of covering it up


See the image above for some inspiration.  This look may not be totally your style but you have a 2 level  floor to ceiling stone fireplace with a streamlined mantle with some display pieces.  To the left there is some storage for firewood but this could easily be storage (either built in or just a furniture piece) and a bit of décor (candle sticks and a full plant) and on the right of the fireplace we see a wall mounted TV with an arm so it  can be angled for more comfortable viewing (or just have it sitting on the furniture piece if you prefer).  Below the TV there is another storage piece very similar to the one of the left.  The idea here is symmetry and balance, it is something that the eye is naturally attracted to anyway and it also keeps the room from looking heavy and out of balance.  This wall is an example of informal balance as the pieces on the left and the right are not identical.

This image is a more modern version of the idea above it still has the elements of balance and symmetry.  The TV is wall mounted at a height that is more comfortable for viewing.  The shelving is open so it is airy and it offers easy access.  It wouldn’t have to be custom there are lots of shelving collections out there that look custom but aren’t .Plus the book shelving also ‘softens’ up the look of that wall, so it isn’t just 2 big rectangles on the wall.  

Other tricks: to really camouflage the TV, try painting the walls on either side of the fireplace in a dark tone, so that you do not have a big black box drawing attention away from the beauty of the room (see image below) 

 Another great option is the TV easel.  It is a perfect piece for a TV when you don’t want to wall mount.  The TV easel is perfect for small or big places and it’s an option without a lot of bulk but it certainly does the trick.  They come in different materials and finishes such as natural oak (like the one below), black, gun metal, polished nickel and some vintage finishes to give it a more industrial look and feel.  This is also a great option if you have opted for a wireless cable package, with the wheels on this easel you can more or less bring your TV anywhere

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