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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Maintaining your Natural Stone Tiles

Floor and wall coverings are the first thing that people notice in your bathroom. There are so many different materials, styles, looks and trends that can be applied to make your bathroom stunning. Natural stone is a popular trend we are seeing a lot of these days. Natural stone options consist of Slate, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Granite, and Sandstone.

Part of having a gorgeous bathroom is maintaining that gorgeous bathroom. Without proper maintenance, finishes look tired and worn. Many home owners are incorporating a natural stone into their bathrooms these days so in this blog we’ll give you some maintenance tips and cleaning suggestions to help maintain the beauty of your tiles!

Natural stone is a stunning choice but also has a lot more work than just laying it and leaving it. It is a wise choice to seal your natural stone tile. The resistance to stains is substantially higher than leaving it unsealed. This is a product that can be purchased at any local hardware store or specialty tile supplier. It is worth the investment! Sealant will need to be reapplied regularly, depending on the brand and specific product. Be sure to check how regularly your sealant should be applied as well as make sure to get the product that is made for your particular stone. Remember that sealant is not a miracle worker and doesn’t make the stone resistant to damage, but it certainly does help.

Now that you’ve sealed your tile, we recommend a regular routine cleaning. Consistent use of a non-abrasive cleaner, mild washing liquid or a stone soap is recommended and safe for all natural stone services. Always be sure to use a small amount of any cleaning product and not overdo it – too much is never good. Be sure to thoroughly rinse all surface once they’ve been cleaned with warm water and a clean cloth.
uniquely shaped custom sink with natural stone on walls

Regular sweepings keeps a lot of the outsider dirt brought in under wraps. This is the best way to keep surface scratching to a minimum, otherwise your tile may begin to look dull. Natural stone, especially the softer stones, are sensitive to abrasion. (hence the non-abrasive cleaners above!)

Rather than wiping away spills, try to blot them to avoid them from spreading over the surface more than they have already. Water and a mild soap, organic being the best choice will get spills gone as long as they are handled as soon as they are noticed.

Ahhh, the price to pay for beauty!

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