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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Celebrity Style : Meryl Streep

Ever wonder what certain celebrities homes look like?  Meryl Streep's California mansion is one that might really surprise you!

Built in 1954, this property in the Hollywood Hills feels much larger than being just shy of 3,000-square-feet. Thanks to the seemingly endless walls of windows throughout the home, there's a generous amount of natural light that fills every room, creating a beautiful balance between indoor and outdoor living. This is further enhanced by the multiple inviting patios and pool, complete with plenty of comfortable lounges and a fire pit.
Don't worry though, all the windows won't leave you feeling exposed. From the outside, the home appears as an intimidating private compound with concrete walls and monstrous greenery surrounding the perimeter. You may actually be surprised to enter and find yourself in a tranquil open-concept home dressed in a neutral colour palette with touches of deep browns and wood tones.

- 2 bedrooms
- 3 bathrooms
- Rough hewn stone wall and fireplace
- Gourmet kitchen
- Courtyard
- Outdoor pool and spa

Want to know more? Check out the listing here.


 I was a bit surprised to see the sleek and modern finishes inside of the OSCAR winner's California home.

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