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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Exterior Facelifts

As the years pass, many homes and home owners require an exterior facelift. With so many beautiful magazine photos and websites now at our disposal, many home owners are getting bored quicker of their home’s interior and exterior. Sometimes, a quick facelift is all we need to satisfy our want for change.  Here are a few great colour combinations for your front door and shutters to give your home the update you crave!

White Houses: There are a million options with white exterior homes. You could chose to paint your front door and shutters in so many different colours! Black and white is an ever classic choice and looks fantastic. A red or turquoise door looks great and having a pop of colour looks fun. Depending on how bold you want to be, a bright yellow or orange would be a fabulous option as well.
#Black makes a great shutter color paired with white and a beautiful red door
Brick Exteriors: A lot of times, Brick homes have a very traditional, elegant feel. There are a lot of timeless colour combinations that complement brick beautifully such as black, white, and navy blue. Any of these colours are classic combinations and will keep your exteriors traditional curb appeal.
If your are looking for a more adventurous colour palette to complement your brick exterior, here are a few colour options that would make it a little more funky.
Beige and Brown: These exteriors are very versatile, almost as versatile as white. Depending on the shades of brown on your house, anything that looks good with white will also look fantastic with browns.
When it comes to paint - the options are endless! So make your personality shine through on all aspects of your house - even the exterior!



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