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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Who loves Halloween?

My kids are already talking about Halloween.  For kids Halloween is like Christmas, New Years, the SuperBowl and just about every other holiday combined, in other words they love Halloween!

It's a lot of fun to not only plan Halloween costumes with the kids but to plan your home
Halloween decor, too

Here are some ideas, that I love and can't wait to try!

This is such an easy way to display Halloween treats.  some twine, some card stock, vases of various shapes and sizes and creative names make a fun and simple display

A modern spin on Halloween decor.  I purchased my skulls at Michaels but you could likely find some great ones at a dollar store near you.  As for the plates, again hit a thrift store and purchase some vinyl decals from your craft store or online.  If you are very creative, look online for some spooky stencils and use a sharpie

Making wreaths is easy and can make a big impact when it comes to celebrating any holiday

 30 Spooky Halloween Wreaths - Lots of inspiration for your perfect Halloween Wreath!! { }

You will definitely want some outdoor decor to celebrate this holiday, so take a look at this spooky ghost!

DIY ghost and lots of spooky #Halloween decor ideas
So simple to create.  Try a craft store for a foam head, some fishing string to hang, and some gauze cloth

If you have a large glass door, try these spooky silhouettes

halloween shadow decorations

Love this welcome mat! And the kids will, too.  Some striped stockings, mannequin legs or even just stuffed with lots of cotton, thrift store shoes and there you go!

Easy Halloween decoration to welcome kids to a party.

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