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Saturday, July 19, 2014

How to make any room look Bigger

Smaller spaces tend to have a cozier feel about them and they are less intimidating plus you don't need to spend as much on furniture. But to fit in everything you need can be a big challenge and you definitely don't want to feel cramped, so what can you do?

There are some great tips and tricks out there beyond light and mirrors that can help.
And if you are thinking of putting your home or condo on the resale market, these ideas will really help you maximize the space for buyers to see.

1 - When space is at a premium, rooms should serve double duty. And nothing wastes space more than a living room that's used only for company. So go ahead — put a TV in there. Here a prominent wall arrangement steals focus away from the TV, so it doesn't dominate the space.

2 -  You can also hide the TV in a cabinet or piece of furniture. In this room the TV is sequestered behind a pair of doors over the fireplace — much nicer than looking at a big, black screen 24/7.

Cannot wait until we have a living room big enough to have 2 sofas facing one another.... one of them MUST be a chesterfield...:

3 -  When space is tight, always ask yourself: How can I use this room for two purposes instead of one? Here a dining room doubles as a library. It saves space, and nothing warms up a room like a wall of books. Plus it's is practical storage and to make it more decorative you can add some pieces in the bookcase

15 Lovely Libraries in Unexpected Places // dining room bookcase:

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