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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Small bathroom? Big Ideas!

So you have a small bathroom, so what!  there are lots of tips and tricks to really maximize the space to make it more useful but also just to give it a larger appearance.

1.  Paper!  No not toilet paper, wallpaper. High-impact wallpaper gives the impression of depth, and extending the print onto the ceiling encourages a continuous line of sight.

2.  Add drama.  Usually we recommend small spaces be painted out in one light colour but if you have a bathroom with some interesting architectural features, like a sloped ceiling, try Glossy black paint, it makes  look streamlined and spacious.

3.  Let the light in! No windows, no problem!  Never underestimate the power of lighting: in this tiny WC, recessed bulbs and glossy sconces cast a space-enlarging luster onto white wallpaper.

4.  Blend. So if you like a low key look in your space, opt for tone-on-tone.  A sink with modern lines and an unadorned mirror perfectly complement the pale wallpaper, adding a sense of airiness to the room.

5.  Small storage.  Like it or not we always end up with clutter in the bathroom, magazines for example so make use of a tray (not something you would usually find in a bathroom) to store them in an organized and accessible way.

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