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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Man Cave

It's nice to have an area for the boyfriend/husband to go in the house and have his own space. Let’s be honest, most women don’t want a group of men cheering, drinking and being rowdy right in their living room… that’s where the man cave comes in.  The ideal man cave is located in the basement (with a door, that they can shut) or out in a garage. This is “their space”. There will likely be a no women allowed sign, don’t be offended – embrace it!

So what would make the “ Ultimate Man Cave”
some must haves
-bar/ bar stools
- big screen tv
-large comfy club chair
-sports memorabilia
-large couch
-sound system
-pool table
-air hockey table
-various beer signs
-truck/car photos
-beer fridges
-gaming systems

Fat Heads are life size wall decorations of various sports logos, players etc that you can order and have stuck on the walls in your house. They have just about anything and are easy to put up and easy to take down! ( and they don’t ruin your paint if you decide to take them off the walls!!)

 Life Size Stand Out cut out of LeBron James

A man cave for the sports fan would have to be heavily outfitted in sports memorabilia: jerseys, photos, trophies, symbols of their favorite team everywhere and of course, a mini fridge to hold the beer. This is the space where unlimited TSN can be watched, beers can be drank and boys can be boys. Every man cave needs it’s own bar, it’s a man cave staple. If you are a diehard sports fan, your cave will be dedicated to your favorite team, it will be everywhere!

Here is a link to an awesome blog about “20 Man Cave Do’s and Don’ts
Show on DIY Network: Man Caves

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