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Friday, August 15, 2014

Home decor Ideas : All things Autumn's getting cool out there!  I know what we are all thinking "what is going on with this weather?  it feels like October!" and it sure does.  This is just Mother Nature's way of reminding us of what is to come.  We are in mid-August, everyone is starting to think about Back to School and some of the stores are already stocking up for Halloween.  Autumn will be here soon enough, so why not celebrate the changing of the season?

Check out some of these Fabulous Fall Decor Ideas for your home.

1 - Add an autumnal touch to an open bookcase with silk fall leaves, which you can find at your local craft store. Whether they're pressed inside a picture frame or strategically placed along the shelves, autumn-colored leaves are sure to pump up the fall factor. I love the mix of the square ratan boxes, the leaves and the pumpkin

Faux Fall Leaf Decor

2 - Keeping it simple can make a big impact. Create a fresh, fall look with an orange-and-white palette. Here, white furniture and accessories, paired with a few orange accents creates a sophisticated balance. this would also look great with a natural wood furniture piece!

White Cabinet with Chalkboard

3 - If orange doesn't work with your colour palette, try white pumpkins.   Keep it simple with an elegant display of white, or ghost, pumpkins. For visual interest, stagger the heights by using stacks of old books or vintage scales as pedestals

Elegant Halloween Decor

4 - Looking for a more modern spin on the season?  Try painting pumpkins (you could get the kids to help) and use any colour palette you like - monochromatic gives your space a more contemporary space (think various shades of grey) or let the kids go for it with fun and funky colours!

Mantel Gourds and Mirror Wreath

 5 - Don't forget about the other beauties of Autumn like apples, feathers, gourds and other foliage you can bring into your space with bowls, wreaths and simple additions to your current displays.

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