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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Home Staging Obstacle: The Kids' rooms

I have 4 children and I remember (not too long ago) trying to sell my own home while we were all living there.  Although living in the home that you are selling can be a big challenge, the parents fully understand what is going on and what need to be done.  But what about the kids?

 If you are looking to buy a home or if you’re thinking of selling and you have children, one of your priorities would be how to create a good environment for your kids.
Just how the master bedroom is for us, kid’s room is where they’ll spend much of their time learning, growing, studying and relaxing.  So one thing that you shouldn’t pass on is creating a perfect space for your home buyer’s children by means of staging.
Below are simple, yet powerful tips for staging your kid’s room to make it appeal to both children and parents.

#1 Create a livable and spacious room

 Perhaps, the most challenging part of staging a kid’s room would be creating an illusion of a magazine quality space. To do this, start by removing excess clutter, toys, and furniture. Like the other rooms in your home, prospect buyers would want to see if they can fit in all the stuff their kids have. Make your kids part of the daily clean up routine, it will become habit eventually but even if it doesn't at least the room won't get too chaotic with regular tidying.

 Imaginative cuteness. Selection of the best kids rooms with decor ideas and inspirations for baby rooms, girls rooms, boys rooms... Cute solutions to make this rooms a happy corner. :) see more home design ideas at:

#2 Decorate with a theme

 Believe us when we say that parents love themed kids rooms! From athletic sports bedrooms, to color-coordinated bedrooms, parents and kids alike will be pleased. Besides, following a specific theme makes it easier for you on deciding which materials to buy because you already have a picture in mind to follow. A mish-mash of themes in one space like a kids room or any other room, makes the space look and feel a bit sloppy which is never a selling point!

26 Fabulous Kids Room Design Ideas That Will Delight You -

#3 Make way for natural light

Like any other room in the house, your kid’s dark room might seem less attractive. A dark room can make for a sad room and you don’t want the buyers to feel that. Let natural light in with bright and cheery window treatments, and ensure there is a source for natural light. My daughter's room faces east and because of that she has 'black out curtains' but during the day the room looks very dark, so a simple solution is pulling back the curtains and wow - the light is incredible! You may also consider artificial lighting like overhead lighting, bedside table lamps, wall scones, or floor lamps for additional brightness.

 bright childrens room Stripes, and Dots, and Fun Things   Oh My!

#4 Get inspiration

 If you’re still not sure how to decorate your kid’s room, browse the Internet for some inspiration. Pinterest can help you with that. Take a look at staged kid’s room ideas and see which one appeals to you the most. You can also browse home styling magazines, blogs, and event TV shows.

 Another helpful tip is to visit model homes near your area and see how interior designers have decorated kids’ rooms. Or if you want more professional looking staged rooms, you can contact expert home stagers by visiting their website for contact information

 Staging kid’s rooms is nothing but fun! It is an enjoyable experience and it can be a great bonding experience with your little ones. Creating a perfect environment for the children of the future owner could be one of your best investments to make your home on top of their list. So, please remember to ‘color outside the lines’.


#5 Think easy solutions

My boys have a great looking room with a red, white and blue colour theme with some pops of Spiderman and Captain America.   They love their room but don't love keeping it clean.  Look for some easy solutions so that they can keep the space tidy for when you have showings at the house.  Baskets are my go to!  I have a series of baskets that my boys put toys, books help keep things off of the floor and because the baskets are easy (instead of say a closet or shelving system) they can do it themselves!

Hang simple wire baskets and fill them with your little one's burgeoning collection of stuffed animals

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