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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What's trending in tile?

Summer time is the most popular time for home renovations and improvements, we spent some time this summer to talk to the hands-on experts to see what's trending in tile this year

This spring summer, we saw lots of larger format tiles. We are not seeing much of the classic 12x12 tile anymore, instead 24x24 and 12x24 are most popular sellers. This is the case in both kitchen and bathroom design. The large scale tiles are very versatile. They can be used as flooring, back splashes, bath floors, as well as wall tiles and in the shower as well depending on which material you choose.


 *This image is a great example of the colour tones (greys) that we are seeing a lot of this year and the 12x24 rectangular tile laid in a brick or staggered format.

For the longest time it was all about shades of brown but now we are seeing more cool, neutral colours compared to in the past when warm beiges were popular. Lots of different varieties of grey tones, refreshing neutrals and whites are big right now. Many people are looking to turn their bathrooms into a relaxing sanctuary and muted colours help to achieve that.


*This image shows of the look of hardwood in the bathroom but it is actually a porcelain tile that looks like wood.  for a while we were only seeing this in commercial spaces but now it is becoming more popular in residential properties.

In the past when clients were picking out tile 'packages' for the kitchen floor and back splash and the bathroom floor and shower surround they were opting for matching floor and wall tiles.  That has really changed, clients today want a custom designer look with coordinating tiles

By mixing and matching tiles - using small tiles as accents, extra large tiles on the floor and various textures and colours you achieve a unique look in your space. Uniformity is in the past, and variety is a hit. 

We are definitely seeing a trend towards classic shapes like the subway tile but with a twist like a glass subway tile. The rectangular shape is still very popular and if you find the classic 3x6 subway tile too traditional there are other options like 4x16 for an exaggerated look (we did this in a bathroom shower surround recently and it had a more modern feel but we stuck with a classic colour palette) or you can choose a smaller tile like a 1x2 (they are easy to install as they come in sheets, you don't have to install one at a time)

* The image below is a great example of a classic subway tile in a traditional brick pattern but a mixed mosaic in glass in various sea glass tones

We are even seeing metallic finishes in tile, which is another great way to reflect light in a space.  The pillowed edging is also something we are seeing more of, it gives a tile a softer finish.

*This bathroom is styled in darker more masculine tones like charcoal grey but the pillowed edge on the tiles make the overall look a bit softer bringing in a subtle feminine touch.


Be sure to think about your grout colour, too.  The selection is incredible and can really help show off the tile and complete the look of your tiled space.  When it comes to selecting grout stick with a complementary tone, you want the tile to stand out not the grout. When we select grout for our clients we often stay in a range of mid neutrals like various shades of taupe, bone, grey and cream.

Texture over colour is the way most people are going today. It is better to have a variety of textures throughout the bathroom than a variety of colours. Too many colours makes your bathroom trendy and not a classic choice to carry through the years. It’s not practical for most people to assume they can afford to change their tiles/ bathroom fixtures every year. So classic is best. Incorporating a variation of textures is a great way to achieve a designer look.

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