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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pillows makes Perfect!

We have to say it. We love styling homes with pillows!

Pillows are inexpensive, yet amazing in giving a room extra touch of softness, color and attitude. We’ve seen so many spaces transformed beautifully with simple additions of pillows of all sorts of shapes and sizes and it’s something you can do on your own to stage your home for the resale market or just to update your space.


So, in this post, we gathered photo inspirations for you as well as 5 decorating tips using pillows.

#1 Because they are happy!  

Imagine this room without pillows. Boring, yeah? It’s like snatching all the energy and life in this space. Colorful pillows, especially those with geometric prints, can instantly make a room look more alive. If you think your living room is too bland and lacking energy, throws and pillows are one of your best choices.

#2  Going colourless can still be dramatic

 Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be all colourful and playful. If for example, you want to keep your bedroom toned down and want a prospective buyer to notice important architectural details instead of focusing on the bed, adding black and white or neutral-colored pillows will help create a dramatic effect.

 #3 An easy (and cheap) way to make the room look on trend and updated

Look for colours and prints that are on-trend and you can use them to enhance the artistic ambiance of any room. In the case of this family room, the sofa is pretty basic and maybe a bit older, to make the room look more up to date the stager played with the hanging arrangements of the art but also added some colour to the room (dark blue and coral - orange) giving the room an updated look

#4 Mixing makes it fun!

" Matchy matchy” is out of date. Have fun and get a little crazy! There are certain elements in the house that should be matched in order to achieve symmetry and calmness, but pillows are an exception. Especially if you have a white bed or sofa, bright-colored pillows can instantly lift the boredom away!

 #5 Make pillows the focus

Can’t afford that bejewelled lamp at the store for your centrepiece? Throw and pillows can substitute for that. Ribbon pillows, sequined pillows, fur pillows and any funky-looking pillow in a bright hue can serve as a focal point.


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