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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy Halloween Home Decor Ideas We Love!

If your home is anything like mine, your children have been buzzing about Halloween for months!  But it's not all about the candy, my kids love the costumes and even more the Halloween Home decor!  It's a fun way to get everyone involved and it's a holiday where you can go overboard and just have fun!  It can be cute or scary...the possibilities are endless.

Here are some of our favourites for the holiday

Finished Witch Pumpkin
1.  Witches are a must at Halloween and this one is so easy, all you need is some paint (any shade of green will do), a sharpie, a hat, glasses (optional) and some fall leaves (again optional).  Paint your pumpkin, place it so the stem/nose is facing out and add the decor.  If you are in the pumpkin patch and want a witch that is even spookier look for a pumpkin with lots of bumps or look for a bunch of pumpkins of various shapes and sizes and make a pack of witches, those would look great at on the front step either running up the steps or packed together on a bench or bail of hay. this is perfect for the little ones!

Candy Corn Pinata: Beauty 1

2.  Candy corn, yum!  This is the perfect pinata for a Halloween party or an October Birthday party.  Pinatas take a bit of time to make but they are so much fun!  Fill them up with little toys, stickers, crayons and candy!  For the exterior decor, this one is textured with bits of crushed up tissue paper that are glued to the outside which is a fun craft you can do with the kids or to keep it simple just use paint.

Halloween Glittered Pumpkins

3. Go Glam with your pumpkins!  Perfect for a party for the grown-ups.  Use various pumpkins for interior decor.  Wash them off and use glue and glitter and stencils to make spooky images on your pumpkins.  And just like this image, look for different colours of pumpkins and shapes too

4.  We love these Monster Doors!  Again, so much fun and a great craft to do with the kids and you can do these inside as well (think of all the doors you have inside the house!)  This is also a fun activity for teachers at school, you could have the whole school participate.  You can use any materials you like, get creative and have fun!


5. Halloween Mummy wreath for the door requires a bit more effort so maybe a more appropriate activity for older children but it's still lots of fun.  What you need: grapevine wreath, white or silver spray paint (do this outside), latex glove with stuffing like cotton, cardboard, torn fabric. Glow in the dark worms in spray painted wreath

 I did some of these inside last Halloween....but love the look of a large group in a doorway/entryway.  Time to buy more black posterboard.....

6.  Bats, bats, bats!  So simple yet effective!  Cut out bats or various sizes in black construction paper (or stiff black felt, if you want to re-use for future Halloweens) and tape to the exterior.  This would also look great on a light colour garage door or inside at the front entry. I love the clumped effect here, scary but not too scary.  Looks great in the day time, too.

Great decoration for the front porch at Halloween

7. Broomstick parking!  simple and humorous.  Re-use those summer planters, add some fall foliage or fake leaves and a bunch of broomsticks, you could even add a spooky sign in chalkboard paint that reads
" Parking for Witches"

Halloween Painted Jar Luminaries - Crafts by Amanda
 8. Love these luminaries! Another use of mason jars!  Follow these instructions: One layer of acrylic craft paint on the OUTSIDE of the jar was enough for these, but you can add another if you like.Use a Sharpie marker to draw on the face, then  simply painted the facial features with black paint.Once it has dried for a few hours (the longer the better), spray on two coats of clear glaze and light the candles while they are inside the jars.  These could be used outside or inside....

9. Double duty decor!!  Try re-using an outdoor lit Christmas tree, plug it in and add a sheet of white fabric and some black marker or paper for eyes and a mouth.  Or if you want to get more elaborate, take a tomato cage, put it upside down, re-use those white Christmas lights and add the sheet.

10.  Creepy spider webs made from black trash bags!  Love this idea and again so easy!  Click here for the step by step and all you need are scissors, clear tape and trash bags!

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