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Monday, October 6, 2014

Wild Things! - Animal Inspired Home Decor

At kiki interiors, we love pulling nature inspired pieces into our decor packages no matter what style of decor.  Natural fabrics, materials and other influences add a certain element of warmth to any decor style.  A modern space looks warm with just a few touches of wood or sisal.

In recent years, we have seen a lot of animal inspired pieces ranging from rugs to pillows to art even wall paper.

What we love about animal inspired decor is that it really is timeless, the neutral tones of a leopard or cheetah print work with many styles of decor and the tones are rich and sophisticated.  I love a leopard print pillow and because it is a neutral it can be paired with everything!


Zebra print is another popular animal inspired element and we have seen in many colour waves outside of the classic black and white.  This print adds a pop of glamour to any room. It works in so many spaces.  I love it as a punchy ottoman or foot stool, but it's fabulous as a bench or elegant chair paired with other elegant touches like metallic and crystal.


Cowhide adds another member of the animal kingdom to your space and cow hide isn't just seen in the pasture these days.  We are seeing cowhide everywhere and with every style of home decor.  It's a great neutral area rug with an organic shape and great neutral tones and the texture adds warmth and a bit of softness without being feminine.  This is a great option for a man's home!


More recently we have seen the addition of antlers  in many styles of decor, of course this is a staple in a country or cabin look but we have seen antlers in more contemporary spaces, too. You are seeing them as wall art, light fixtures (ceiling and lamps) and also just as a decor piece

Here are some of our favourite ways to add wild things into your space!

The classic - a zebra poof in the bedroom. A touch of sexy glam!

Why not windows?  These subtle drapes in a zebra print with soft gold, cream and grey tones adds some great visual interest without being over the top.

Go glam and gold!  Make your powder room wild with wallpaper in leopard print but keep everything else in solids like the vanity and window treatment.  This makes a big, beautiful and bold statement.

Add some graphic print to a typically plain space like a lobby with a bold piece like this zebra bench with nail head accent.  even though the print is black and white and nothing else in the room is, the classic colour combo works because it is a neutral, a new neutral!


Play with print and colour!  We know zebras aren't orange but this orange and cream zebra print updates this more traditional space and adds a bold injection of colour

 On the floor, this cow hide rug in soft beige tones adds great texture and some softness to this space - the dark hardwood, dark walls, concrete ceiling and leather club chairs are very manly but the cow hide element beautifully and the pops of colour with the art and pillows add a final bright touch!

Purrrfect pillows!  Leopard print is one of the new neutrals.  Because it is a classic print and it consists of neutral tones it goes with everything.  It really stands out again a white backdrop and it works with bright pops of colour too!

An animal print chair really just makes a statement on it's own!  It doesn't need anything else to make a bold impression.  Animal print chairs can work in just about any space - bedroom, dining room, entry and living room even a child's bedroom depending on the colour wave you choose.

Antlers, antlers - any and everywhere!  We have seen a huge influx of the antler in home decor - lamps, chandeliers, wall art, art, textiles and even wall paper.  It's a huge trend it is seen in modern spaces to vintage to country and in so many colours from brights to white and more natural tones

And if all of this print and texture is just a bit too much for you but you love the idea of animal inspiration way not look into some pillows or throws with animal images again this works in modern to country decor styles

 And of course, we cannot forget the popular trend of bedrooms in animal print but for the kids!  Yes, that's right we have seen a huge influence of zebra and leopard in teen girls rooms - bedding, pillows, art and more!  We often see this print paired with bright and bold colour - the idea here is totally wild!!

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