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Monday, October 27, 2014

How to achieve Country-Industrial Style Decor

Do you love the blend of Country and Industrial style décor? So do we! Here are some great suggestions on how to incorporate this decorating style in your home.
Country Industrial is a blend of two different décors that work together beautifully. Country is a warm and inviting decorating style that typically uses lots of wood tones, plaids, stripes, floral, toile and patterns. The colour palette is varied, but warm tones make this a cozy style. Lots of cozy throw blankets and textured pillows make for cozy home décor. Country style is filled with tons of character.



Industrial décor is very rustic, and incorporates more harsh tones such as various metals such as brass, copper, chrome, and silver. Reclaimed wood and brick is often inserted into an Industrial room.

Now, how do we marry the two and make a warm space with industrial elements? To create a Country Industrial room, you must have some variety. Mixing patterns, metals, and various wood tones is the key to creating this decorating style. That being said, there are SO many options to make this style exactly your personality. First, decide what you absolutely love. Here are some tips on how to achieve this style.

1. A reclaimed wood table.
Whether this is a dining room table, a coffee table or end tables, adding reclaimed wood is a great element that can be both industrial and country at the same time. Lots of reclaimed wood tables come with a funky element, whether it’s a wrought iron detail, a reclaimed wheel or metallic accent, adding wood will be both warm and cool at the same time.

2. Pattern.
Pattern is the more country side of this style. If you don’t want to incorporate traditional country fabrics like plaids and toiles into the space, try a more modern stripe, maybe a throw pillow with an animal on it, or a fur pillow and cozy throw. It adds a fun, whimsical element to your room.
3. Metal Elements
There is lots of versatility with adding metal. Do you like a metal side table? Metal side chairs? Metal pendants? What tones of metal do you like? Do you want a pop of colour somewhere? Here is where you personality can shine through!
4. Area Rug
A great place to incorporate a bit more country into the room is with a textured/ pattern area rug. A variety of textures make a space feel cozy. Do you love the look of wool rugs? Or do you prefer a stripe or plaid pattern? An area room helps warm up a space in any room, and also helps to define a certain space in a room.
5. Furniture.
Furniture is a big variable. A more streamlined sofa with metal legs can work in this style of home, or we can go to the other end of the spectrum and add a big cozy traditional sofa. It depends on what you like! Both options will work in this type of space. Be sure to add an accent chair or two as well, incorporating the opposite element in the room. Cozy traditional sofa? Try adding a metal or wood side chair to balance the two.
6. Accessories.
 Table lamps, book shelves, décor pieces are all places to add some metal, wood or colour. Try to have some common elements or else your room is going to be more eclectic. Common accents and colours don't have to be matchy-matchy, but if you are using an orange chair in your room, maybe you also add a pillow with some orange too! Harmony throughout a room makes it looks planned and thought-out, not just some random things thrown together in hopes of it looking good.





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