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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Combinations for Colourful Spaces

Picking the right colour combination for your space can be tricky.  But here are 3 sure fire ways to combine colours.

Safe neutrals are always an easy route but nothing really brightens up a room like an injection of colour.  For inspiration you can always turn to the colour wheel.  The colour wheel plots colours in a pie chart to show the relationship between primary colours (red, yellow and blue), secondary colours (green, orange and purple) and beyond.  To create a palette you will love start with your favourite colour, for example blue, then add other colours to get a look you will love.


1 - Monochromatic.  Navy, Marine and Sky blue.  Monochromatic schemes combine several tones of the same colour and feel soothing. Add a basic or neutral like white for a visual break.

2 - Complementary. Blue and Orange.  Complementary schemes combine colours that are opposite to each other on the colour wheel.  The result is vivid and bold.


3-  Analogous. Blue and Green. Analogous schemes combine colours that fall next to each other on the colour wheel and produce lively yet subtle spaces.


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