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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

We Answer Wednesday - Mixing Metallics

“I love the look of mixing metallic accents together such as gold and silver. What are some suggestions to add metals into my home without overhauling my décor?”

Mixing metallics is bound to be a huge trend in 2015. We saw Copper emerge in a big way in the past year in many different areas of the home. Gold and silver have always been classic design choices, but the trend of mixing metals has become more prominent in the past few years.


Adding metallic accents is a fantastic way to freshen up your space for 2015 without breaking the bank. There are many ways to do so, in various spaces in your home.


In the dining room, try adding both gold and silver dinnerware. Maybe a gold charger with a silver rimmed plate and a silver napkin mixed in with an accent colour? Adding gold and silver candles or centerpieces is a fabulous way to add these colours as well. The addition of the decorative accents such as placemats, napkins, table runners, centerpieces, napkin rings etc. are typically inexpensive and versatile pieces to have on hand.

In your living room, try adding some accent pillows with gold and silver. Throw pillows and blankets are an excellent way to freshen décor without changing out large furniture pieces. Gold and silver accessories such as decorative pieces, book ends, candles, vases, picture frames and more are easy personal touches that will add a new dimension to your space, not to mention even the newest additions often make a big difference!  The same suggestions apply in your bedrooms. Adding gold or silver table lamps are another fantastic option for a quickie update.


In your kitchen and bathrooms, try changing your faucets or hardware. As previously mentioned copper was a huge trend in 2014 and remains a trend. Check out our blog on how to use copper in your home for more great tips!

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