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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

IDS Toronto 2015 : what we saw and loved in tiles....

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to attend the trade day portion of IDS in Toronto, Canada.  We saw some amazing pieces and looks, here are some of the highlights that caught our eye.

these tiles were everywhere at IDS 2015 Toronto.  They look amazing especially with a simple kitchen

Patterned tiles:  these were almost everywhere.  They look a little crazy but they look sensational as a back splash with a basic kitchen.  We also saw these as an accent in bathrooms.

Tile shape: Another trend in tiles is the hexagon shape. Ceragres had an excellent display for both floors and walls with this shape. The colours were very neutral (although there are many many choices) but the shape is so interesting!


 It just adds an interesting twist to any space (and we are looking at hexagon tiles for our next project, too)  The IKEA kitchen display even had hexagon floor tiles!

 Another shape we saw was the 'lozange' . Again, nothing too wild but just a twist to add to your space. what was great is that the colour waves were still very classic but the shape adds the next level of sophistication to the space.

 Arabesque tiles were also a new and interesting shape.  It adds something new to a classic kitchen or bathroom.  It's an elevated look in the room and adds visual interest.  You can still keep a neutral colour palette.

Gorgeous kitchen with white cabinets with polished nickel hardware alongside black quartz countertops and a pale gray arabesque tiled backsplash. The undermount kitchen sink pairs with a gooseneck bridge faucet below upper cabinets with glass detail.

Herringbone tile formation: again another tile trend we saw a lot of at IDS and we loved!  Again it's visually interesting and makes an impact with going over the top. 


This was seen in flooring and on walls. although this image is a more traditional look depending on the actual tile you could create a more modern or contemporary look.

And finally the last tile trend we saw a lot of at IDS was the 'wood' tile.  Basically floor tiles that look like wood from a style standpoint they look great and comes in many sizes (we like the 8" x 36"). 


And there is a range of looks - reclaimed wood (even a look with old paint residue), light to dark stain, grey tones, white tones and brown tones and some have great texture too! For a busy house hold this is a great option as it doesn't scratch plus if you love the look of hardwood in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchen but you are nervous about water damage this is for you!  It look incredible installed and in the showroom and apparently is something we will be seeing a lot of in new condos....

Overall, shape was the biggest trend we saw.  For the most part colours were neutral (ranging from taupes, beiges, whites, greys and some shades of blue and green and some metallic, too) but herringbone, hexagon, lozange, and arabesque were hot!  And the 'wood' tile was also a big favourite!  If you are not convinced that these 'wood' tiles are for you, definitely check out a showroom near you - I'm sure you will be convinced (I was)

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