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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Kitchen Upgrades That Pay Off

Real estate pros tell us that kitchens lead the list of spaces that make or break the sale of a home. If you plan to renovate your home before putting it on the market, take heart in the knowledge that although the kitchen will eat up a good portion of your budget, the result will be well worth it. The Home Gain National Home Improvement Survey for Sellers shows that upgrading your kitchen can yield as much as a 66% return on your investment.
If a top-to-bottom remodel is beyond your budget, no worries. Look no further than these five kitchen upgrades guaranteed to increase your home's resale value.

Homecraft Design & Build would LOVE to work with you to improve/remodel your current home or start with you in the process of building a new home. check us out at  We are located in Murray, UT:

1.   Lighting is like jewelry for the home. It’s also a dead giveaway to when your house was built or last remodeled. Fluorescent light boxes or commercial-style fluorescent fixtures say “old,” so hire a contractor to replace them with recessed lighting. This will subtract years from the look of your kitchen, brighten the space and even raise your ceiling by several inches. Upgrade task lighting by installing pendants over peninsulas, islands, and sinks. There are many relatively inexpensive options at your local home improvement store, kitchen design store, or hardware store.

you could put the ovens next to the fridge with a microwave on top.....:

 2.  Over the years, appliances have gotten smaller, sleeker, more energy efficient, and more colorful. If you’ve had the same appliances for a while, make changes before putting your house on the market. If your kitchen sports a microwave/stove all-in-one unit, it’s time for an upgrade. Wall ovens remain popular, but newer models are much smaller, so a contractor may need to retrofit the appliance to your cabinet space.If your fridge, dishwasher and stove don’t match, spring for new ones that do. Mismatched appliances will stick out like a sore thumb and deter buyers. Stainless steel enjoys popularity these days, but make sure the appliance color you choose works with the style of your kitchen

NEW HOUSING TRENDS 2015: Countertops aren’t what they used to be. #Quartz is #customizable and can be designed according to particular styles, colors, and patterns. Featuring Darlington Quartz #Countertops by Cambria. See more on our House Plans Blog

3.  .Home buyers want low maintenance when it comes to countertops. Many of us grew up in homes with 4x4 tile counters and know all about the chore of keeping the grout looking clean. Today, homeowners and homebuyers want easy-to-clean, grout-free, solid-surface countertops. Choices range from inexpensive laminate to pricier quartz, from poured concrete to natural stones like granite and marble to eco-friendly recycled glass options. A potential buyer faced with a choice between a house with kitchen counters topped with old-school tile or an updated solid-surface countertop, the solid surface will win hands down.


 4.  Switching out the old kitchen sink for a new model can have high impact for low cost. A clean, shiny new unit with a stylish faucet can add the “wow” factor. Pull-out spray faucets are practical, desirable, and can cost as little as $100. Be sure to choose a style that complements the look of your kitchen. Many faucets come packaged with matching liquid soap dispensers, too. Remember, those little touches can make your property stand out from the rest.

5.   The kitchen is a high-traffic zone in any home, showing wear and tear faster than other areas. As you make other upgrades, don’t forget the foundation of the room. Replace old linoleum with newer, higher-quality vinyl flooring, tile or even hardwood if you have wood in adjoining spaces. In smaller homes, especially, a wood floor that matches adjacent rooms—a dining area or family room—makes the space look and feel larger. If you want tile, choose 12-inch or larger squares for a more contemporary, higher-end look.

If I were to build a new house this would be my kitchen. Love this.:

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Creative Christmas Colour Concepts

The snow is on the ground, the countdown is on and the spirit is in the air...Christmas is coming to town! Decorating to celebrate the season is so much fun!
If you will be hosting some parties this season or just want to surround your space with the holiday spirit, get creative with some special Christmas colour palettes.

1. Silver and stylish with a bit of tradition
Skip the table coverings and let the sleekness of the wood top - shine!  Add balls and bobbles in clear glass vases for a simple yet effective centerpiece.  Votive candles (unscented) let the light bounce off of the reflective surfaces.

2. Festive Fuchsia.... it's fun and fabulous plus it pairs well with green and white.
This bold and bright hue is a lot of fun, and you don't need a lot to get a impact.  In this image I love seeing some throws and pillows in this bold colour - it isn't strictly seasonal and can be re-used

3. Beautiful blue....brilliant, bold, blue has it all


We have been seeing a lot more blue at Christmas in lights and other decor.  there are many shades to choose from light bold cobalt or  a softer aqua, it's up to you.  Perfect pairing with blue? White and silver

4. Magnificent mauve....modest and modern a new colour for Christmas


This shade is something new we are seeing this holiday season.  A cousin of the Blue family, it works beautifully with silver but for a more sophisticated and even regal look pair it with gold.  You could even layer it with some deep eggplant, too.

5. Ravishing a classic but paired with an aqua blue gives Christmas decor a retro or vintage twist


Look for big and bold red with some shine to pair with a lime green for a modern twist on a classic colour combo or pair with a retro aqua blue it's fun and funky! I love this table setting arrangement, it has a function and fun look.

6. Winter White...bring the inspiration of the outdoors in


I love layering white on white is so clean and soothing.  Plus you can keep this decor up all season, don't forget to add white lights too.  with this colour palette you can go with a modern look or traditional, it's up to you.

7. Pastels, why not?....there's a bit of a Caribbean flair to this palette

This fun and fresh, if you aren't a winter lover this palette will make you sing and think of spring!  This florals and other nature prints and add pops of fresh blue or splashy orange for a little extra kick, don't forget the floral arrangements!

8. Hello, Yellow!....Such a big and bold colour that really makes in impact

A cousin of gold, so yellow can certainly work.  It's modern and totally unexpected but really works with white and silver - so fresh! Plus yellow can easily be re-used in the spring and summer.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Small kitchen? No problem - Backsplash solutions for a designer look

Tile is a great way to add a personal touch to your kitchen. And the more you use, especially in smaller spaces, the bigger the design impact. Counter-to-ceiling tile, in fact, is a smart (not to mention beautiful) way to extend the vertical appeal of any kitchen, and it's especially beneficial for smaller ones. When designing a larger kitchen there's usually a longer run of backsplash and tile, and more room to get a sweeping view of the space,in a smaller kitchen, where you're not using as much tile and the counter lengths are shorter, going all the way up the wall to the ceiling where there are no upper cabinets (over a sink, say) allows you to showcase your tile selection, and can add more drama.

Read on for more design advice
 Croma Express

A Focal Point
Installing counter-to-ceiling tile is great choice for coverage especially because it eliminates the boring wall space because it provides infinite design possibilities. A really gorgeous tile, or an intricate design of tile, is like art. It creates a wonderful point of visual interest

If you splurge on a counter-to-ceiling tile you love, then you could save in other areas of the kitchen. Keep the rest of the kitchen simple, and don't add much more detail to the cabinet faces, countertop or hardware, allow the tile to be the focal point; it will be more powerful that way.

Making a Statement
When used prominently on the walls of your kitchen, tile can make a big impact. Depending on the tile used and the colors and qualities it possesses, tile can create more warmth, more sparkle, more drama, more light or more of a zen feeling. The possibilities are really endless. Think about how to lay your tile: a very modern look is to stack rectangular tiles in a straight up and down grid, another modern and interesting look is to lay a skinny rectangular glass mosaic vertically not horizontally, a brick patter or staggered is a classic but can look really unique if you use an oversized tile and another option with rectangular tiles is a classic herringbone.  So you can have a less expensive tile laid in a unique way to make the backsplash really special.

There are a wealth of colors and styles to choose from so it really depends on your budget and what mood you want to create. Below, the warm, earth-toned tiles make this more modern kitchen feel slightly rustic.

Personally, a kitchen with a boring or no backsplash at all is like seeing a woman in a beautiful dress with no jewelry or make up - it's nice but not WOW!

 Walker Zanger Tile

Keep It Simple
Whether your style is traditional or contemporary or somewhere in between, neutral colors are the best choice if you weigh resale value and design longevity into your decision. Creating a counter-to-ceiling installation is a big design commitment and can be expensive depending on your space and materials. Go with a safe bet like grays and whites, which are hot colors in kitchen design and also work in a variety of decors.


But get creative with the material - glass, marble, tumbled stone are great options that can really transform the look of the kitchen and you can still keep it neutral.  And in a small space, it's best to keep the design streamlined and simple so you're kitchen feels spacious and cohesive. A popular (and always appropriate) choice are subway tiles with their industrial feel.

If you have a small kitchen, don't be afraid to add an expanse of tile. It can make a dramatic difference in your kitchen design, and it's a creative decision that will allow you to express yourself. And that's always a good thing!

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Have a Happy Home - 10 Simple things to make your Home Happier

Our homes are an extension of who we are: the state of our home can affect our moods, affects our productivity, and influences our outlook on life.
Scientific studies have shown that we can have an impact on our happiness by adjusting the tiny little habits and routines that constitute our daily lives — we are, in fact, in control of our outlook on life.
It's amazing how a few tweaks to our daily habits can become a catalyst for meaningful, positive change. Here are a few simple things you can do every day to feel happier at home.

1.  Make your bed everyday.  Sounds simple, right? the impact is huge. It's a keystone habit that leads to other habits that will increase your happiness level.


2. Bring every room back to "ready". This is a stress reducer.  Spend 3 minutes to tidy the space before you leave it.  the room will look and feel better. This is tough if you have a busy household especially with pets and children.  My advice, invest in bins, boxes and baskets to keep items off of the floor and tuck them away in a corner.

3. Display sentimental items around your home. Surrounding yourself with good memories like photos or other memorabilia from a great celebration, adventure or holiday will make you reflect on happy times.  Make your home a gallery of happiness.

4. Start a gratitude journal.  Make an entry everyday, it doesn't have to be a long entry one line is good enough.  Write what you are grateful for  or just something good that happened today.  Reflection is an important part of happiness.  Also this is a great exercise for dinner time conversation.  instead of asking "how was your day" try " tell me about something positive from today"


5. If you can't get out of it, get into it.  Chores like doing the dishes, laundry and cleaning the house aren't much fun but they are important so find a way to enjoy it.  Enjoy soaking your hands in warm water, enjoy the feeling of a clean floor and the smell of clean clothes.

6.  Before you get out of bed every morning, set the tone.   I'm not a morning person but  instead of crawling out of bed.  I say "thank you" and "I'm looking forward to today"  Don't get grumpy or overwhelm yourself with a giant to-do list - just focus on having a positive state of mind it will make everything better.

7.  Do small favours for those you love and don't expect anything in return.  Help a neighbour carry the groceries in, help put out the garbage...when you do good you feel good and don't keep score it will all even out in the end.

8.  Call one friends or family member  day.  In the age of technology we are so clicked-in to email, facebook, texting, twitter and whatever else but there is something special about hearing a voice on the line.  The call can be brief - a quick how are you, i was thinking of you, i love you, i miss you.  socializing, real socializing makes everyone feel connected and feel good.

9. Spend your money on experiences.  So spend on a new grill - it's fun to host BBQs for friends and family, buy a DVD or DVD player to host movie nights at home, how about a new board game for the family to have a game night together. 


10.  Spend a few minutes each day connecting with a higher power.  What ever your spiritual beliefs may be stepping into the perspective that we are a part of the universe (which is huge) let's you realize how precious life is and how silly it is to sweat the small stuff. 

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Host an Easy Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving for my American friends and family is less than a week away.  Are you hosting?  Are you looking for some easy short cuts to make it less stressful?  Look no further...


- Buy pre-cooked shrimp for an easy appetizer, it's always a hit and looks luxurious.  And if you run out of cocktail sauce, mix horse radish and ketchup with a splash of lemon

- Instead of stuffed or pickled eggs, opt for a wedge of aged cheddar cheese with crackers and accents of grapes, figs or dried fruit

- Instead of making homemade cornbread for the stuffing, buy pre-made corn muffins or use a packaged mix

- Go Gravy!  Look for readily available mixes such as Knorr or Williams-Sonoma turkey gravy, add a bit of dry sherry or white wine

- Buy whole-berry cranberry sauce and add a spritz of fresh orange juice and some of the zest for flavour

- Buy a pecan pie and add the homemade touch by melting 4oz. of good quality chocolate and drizzling it on top

- Buy a pumpkin or sweet potato pie and add whip cream with a cinnamon sprinkle, or toast slices of pumpkin bread and serve them with vanilla ice cream, hot caramel sauce and chopped pecans

Favourite wine:

- Pinot noir is a classic choice to drink with turkey

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Eeeek...don't do this at home! Renovation mistakes to avoid

Renovations are stressful and can be costly - they can be even more costly (and stressful) if you start making mistakes.  Read the following don'ts listed below to help you get through your next renovation.

1.  Poor preparation
A proper renovation takes preparation – lots of it. A detailed plan will help keep you on budget and on time. Set out a very specific agreement with your contractor before the work begins and get everything in writing. You should be able to see on paper how your renovation is going to play out before it even begins.

2.   Buying before planning
I can’t stress this enough: Don’t buy materials or appliances until your renovation is planned out and all measurements have been taken. Online sales can be tempting, but that great deal on a 24-inch dishwasher isn’t going to save you any money if you only have room for an 18-inch model.

3.  Ignoring issues
When you tear down walls or rip up floors, there’s a good chance you’re going to find something you weren’t expecting, especially in an older home. Electrical and plumbing issues need to be dealt with before you close the walls back up. It might be an unexpected renovation cost up front, but it will save you tons of money in the long run.

4.  Cutting corners
Don’t do it. Much like ignoring issues, cutting corners on materials or finishes is only going to cause you problems in the future. It’s always better to go the extra mile and do it right the first time than have to go back and redo everything. Hire competent people to do the job, buy quality materials and take the time to complete all the necessary steps.

5.  Unlicensed trades
There are projects that any reliable contractor can take on; then there are specialized projects that require a licensed professional to complete. Electrical, plumbing, HVAC, asbestos removal and anything to do with gas or the structure of your home should always be completed by a licensed professional in that specific trade.

6.  Too much DIY
I love ambitious homeowners who want to take part in their home renovations, but there comes a time when it’s best to hand the reins over to the professionals. Projects like cabinetry installation, complicated tile work and carpentry are beyond the scope of most homeowners and can reduce the value of your home if done incorrectly. My advice? Involve yourself in the demo – it’s the most fun part, anyway!


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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Decorating Basics of Living in Small Spaces

You don't need a huge amount of square footage to meet all of your lifestyle needs but you do need to be smart and think outside of the box when it comes to living in a smaller space.  Here are some great basics for living and decorating a small space.

1 - a tiny room doesn't need tiny furniture.  sometimes a larger sectional will be far more functional in a smaller space than say a small sofa or loveseat.

2 - purge before you move.  it's a freeing experience and clutter leads to stress, so figure out what you really want/need in your new space and don't purchase any organizing or storage pieces until you have decided what stays and what goes.

3 - use reflective surfaces to let the light bounce around the space. A small space feels bigger when you maximize the light in the space.  Glass coffee tables and hanging art in glass frames can make a huge difference.

4 - Make sure window coverings don't cut the light.  You panels should hang on either side of the window which makes it appear larger but also lets in lots of natural light.

5 - Think vertical.  when you are hanging art and shelving don't let wall space go to waste, using the upper wall space for art displays draws the eye up which makes the whole space feel big.

6 - in the kitchen, install cabinets that touch the ceiling, you will have extra storage and like point #5 the eye will be drawn up.  Also look at open shelving, lighter toned cabinets and some glass doors to lighten up the kitchen space.

7 - Cork and magnetic boards in the kitchen can help you keep organized.  This is perfect for an odd wall or the interior of your cabinet

8 - Cleaning caddy.  fill one cleaning caddy and keep it in an area like the kitchen or the laundry space, fill it with items for the whole space not just one room, that way you don't need to keep 'special' cleaning items in specifics rooms.

9 - in your home office or den, use a wall file system to keep your files and documents in order.  It keeps them off of the desk and again you are using the wall space.

10 - if you are in need of a spare bedroom but also a workspace, look into a Murphy bed with a desk attachment.  It's neat and organized.

11 - look for streamlined furniture in the living room - so avoid bold colour and patterns and big bulky arms.  A sleek sectional and slipper chairs will look great without all sorts of extra bulk

12 - Hang your TV on the wall and use an arm if it needs to be angled.  This means you won't need a bulky furniture piece to hold your TV.  You can have a furniture piece (if you like) and it can serve other functions like bookcase, storage for movies, blankets, board games and even dining room accessories.

13 - Remove DVDs and CDs (if you still use them) from their bulky jewel cases and keep them in a holder - it takes up less room

14 - Hang shelves above the toilet to give you more storage than just  medicine cabinet and get the clutter off of the counter top

15 - Add shelves and baskets inside the vanity.  Bathroom vanities are often these big cavernous spaces that aren't well designed for storage.  Add a shelving system and baskets to keep toiletries organized and tucked away

16 - Benefits of wallpaper.  If you have a long and narrow hall from the entry to the main living space, take advantage and wallpaper it (nothing too over the top) but a tone on tone pattern or illusion of texture like barn wood or silk would add some visual interest and would be a great art piece but again without the bulk of frames


17 - Go custom.  Look into closet systems for your front hall.  The front hall closet will play many roles - your coats, guest coats, dry cleaning drop off and pick up; sport equipment and maybe items needed for work - a custom closet might be worth it an there are many affordable options out there. Even just adding a second rod can do wonders

18 - Don't forget a furniture piece for the front entry, in a small space you will have a get creative - floating shelving, a set of stools, a sofa table are great options for a front hall in a small space and have a plan for key and mail - eliminate that everyday clutter

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Modern Baby

Even nurseries are getting modern.  I remember looking for items for my nurseries and it was tough to find items that were multi functional, cool and worked in smaller spaces.

If you are currently expecting or know someone who are some fabulous  modern baby finds....

High chair
This can be converted into so many things (chair for older children, step stool, a play chair) but what i really love about this high chair is that it allows the baby/toddler to sit at the table comfortably with the rest of the family

Minui HandySitt Chair (Birch/black)

 Wall decals
Are a great way to fill up the wall space and n a safe way, no worries about frames falling from the sky! And there are so  many to choose from plus some sites offer customizing

Blik Race Ya Re-Stik Wall Decal

This bath is perfect.  It is awesome for newborns.  it fits in the sink and it stores flat and it dries quickly.

 Puj Baby Tub (White)

 This bookcase is perfect for a smaller space.  A bedroom or playroom.  It holds up to 100 books.  It comes in white and green. It's only 6" deep so it doesn't take up a lot of room.

Tree Bookcase

 This elephant stool is playful but with a modern spin.  It's made of plastic so it's easy to clean.  it would be fantastic in a child's room or a playroom or just a fun addition to the family room

Eames Elephant

Play station
this is another genius items that be converted into a chalk table top, toddler play station, activity table and more.

 Bobbin Triple Play Centre - Sea

 It's so nice to rock your baby to soothe them to sleep and a new parent will be spending lots of time in a rocker or glider.  This glider is comfortable, ergonomic and stylish and can easily be moved into a bedroom, living room etc....

Modern Kipling Glider

4 in 1 bed
this bed is a great investment as it is designed to be a infant crib, toddler crib, toddler bed and junior bed and it comes in 3 different finishes for you to choose from

Leander Crib

Change Table that can turn into a desk
You can customize the finish, you can adjust the height so that it is comfortable for you, you also have room for storage and the contour changing pad fits beautifully on the left side allowing for room for wipes and other necessities that you need right at your finger tips.

Leander Changing Table

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sleeping Beauty

With the winter months approaching and the recent time change, don't you just want to curl up in bed all day?

Surround yourself with a beautiful bedroom this winter and why not all year round....


Go a bit girly.  This bedroom has a touch of French flair with elegant textures,  feminine details and a brilliant splash of green.  If you love this look, try layering your bed linens, add a touch of toile and a pop colour in a furniture piece.  Check out a local decor store for some of these items.


Wonderful white.  There is something so lush and  soothing about white.  It reminds me of a chic and luxurious hotel - try layering different textures in the shade for a truly elegant and relaxing room.


Pretty in pattern.  I love mixing pattern it is so sophisticated and really shows off a personal style.  The bold  print on the bed linens really pops and then paired with the subtle print on the bench and the floor takes it to the next level.


Farmhouse chic.  I love the blend of the rustic wood elements in the ceiling, the baskets and the rocker chairs but the iron canopy bed with the sharp linens is fresh and crisp.  Warm but still modern.


Truly Tribal.  Blend the contemporary  sleekness of white linens, lighting and wall displays with a bold tribal print with great colour


Classic, clean and contemporary.  Warm neutrals paired with streamlined furniture and headboard is so clean and the minimal clutter keeps it all under control.  


Simple and stunning.  It's OK not to match.  My bed sets have never come from a set.  find a fabulous duvet and pair it with great accent pillows.  Look for great vintage finds that you can clean up and call your own like this bench and side table.


Make it personal.  Surround yourself with the things (people and pets) you love! The bedroom can have a totally different look from the rest of the home due to the natural and easy transition of the doors.  You can add a new wall or accent colour.

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Wow - Wreaths!

The Christmas season is only weeks away!  Have you thought about how you want to decorate for the season?  I've seen some incredible wreaths out there and I love the way a wreath adds some colour, sparkle and shine to the exterior of the home.

Check out these amazing wreaths...maybe they will inspire you to do something really special this year...Take a look at the various items you have around the house - citrus, wood bark, cinnamon sticks, piping, coffee filters, feather boas and make a beautiful wreath for your door

Modern PVC Wreath -I love the clean and simple lines of this wreath - Christmas baubles optional!

 massive diy christmas wreath

Birch Wood Wreath - rustic and really fabulous - love the Christmas country look

 Birch Wood Wreath

Coffee Filter Wreath - simply stunning

 Coffee Filter Wreath

Cookie Cutter Wreath - so fun!

 20 best christmas wreaths - LOVE cookie cutter one for kitchen!

Feather Boa Wreath - a little sexy but certainly festive

feather boa wreath ...

 Pretty paper wreath - craft paper, glue, ribbon and a cardboard circle can make a festive and fun wreath

Paper Wreath

Cinnamon stick wreath - smells amazing and has a  simple rustic look, add any ribbon you like

cinnamon sticks wreath is easy to make using a piece of hidden cardboard that you glue the sticks to (a foam circle works also). Use a piece of country fabric for a hanger and top off with a bow!!--So Simple!!!

Mitten door hanger - a great alternative to a wreath, looks great inside and out.

mittens with spruce and berries!

Snowman wreath - perfect for a family home - the kids will love it! It's so cute!

 Winter wreath ~

Marshmallow wreath - looks contemporary and cool, I love the texture but all in one colour - winter white.

 A list of 70 rather unique wreaths... starting with this one made out of marshmallows :)

Fabric wreath - if you are a sewer or quilter and have extra fabric this would be perfect for you!

 Christmas fabric wreath

Snow and pine cone wreath - a bit of a country feel and again perfect for the whole winter season

 DIY::  Pine cone & Burlap Wreath...very pretty

Silver snowflake wreath - another simple sparkly decor piece, great for the whole winter not just Christmas

 Snowflake wreath - glue together 9 Target snowflake ornaments, glue a sparkle gem to center of each snowflake

Christmas Popcorn Wreath - 23 Great DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas
The popcorn wreath  - so fun and inexpensive plus the kids will have a blast!

The Candy Cane sun burst - what a great use of candy canes, plus it has a bit of a modern look and feel

modern xmas wreath made out of red and white striped straws

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