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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Decorating Basics of Living in Small Spaces

You don't need a huge amount of square footage to meet all of your lifestyle needs but you do need to be smart and think outside of the box when it comes to living in a smaller space.  Here are some great basics for living and decorating a small space.

1 - a tiny room doesn't need tiny furniture.  sometimes a larger sectional will be far more functional in a smaller space than say a small sofa or loveseat.

2 - purge before you move.  it's a freeing experience and clutter leads to stress, so figure out what you really want/need in your new space and don't purchase any organizing or storage pieces until you have decided what stays and what goes.

3 - use reflective surfaces to let the light bounce around the space. A small space feels bigger when you maximize the light in the space.  Glass coffee tables and hanging art in glass frames can make a huge difference.

4 - Make sure window coverings don't cut the light.  You panels should hang on either side of the window which makes it appear larger but also lets in lots of natural light.

5 - Think vertical.  when you are hanging art and shelving don't let wall space go to waste, using the upper wall space for art displays draws the eye up which makes the whole space feel big.

6 - in the kitchen, install cabinets that touch the ceiling, you will have extra storage and like point #5 the eye will be drawn up.  Also look at open shelving, lighter toned cabinets and some glass doors to lighten up the kitchen space.

7 - Cork and magnetic boards in the kitchen can help you keep organized.  This is perfect for an odd wall or the interior of your cabinet

8 - Cleaning caddy.  fill one cleaning caddy and keep it in an area like the kitchen or the laundry space, fill it with items for the whole space not just one room, that way you don't need to keep 'special' cleaning items in specifics rooms.

9 - in your home office or den, use a wall file system to keep your files and documents in order.  It keeps them off of the desk and again you are using the wall space.

10 - if you are in need of a spare bedroom but also a workspace, look into a Murphy bed with a desk attachment.  It's neat and organized.

11 - look for streamlined furniture in the living room - so avoid bold colour and patterns and big bulky arms.  A sleek sectional and slipper chairs will look great without all sorts of extra bulk

12 - Hang your TV on the wall and use an arm if it needs to be angled.  This means you won't need a bulky furniture piece to hold your TV.  You can have a furniture piece (if you like) and it can serve other functions like bookcase, storage for movies, blankets, board games and even dining room accessories.

13 - Remove DVDs and CDs (if you still use them) from their bulky jewel cases and keep them in a holder - it takes up less room

14 - Hang shelves above the toilet to give you more storage than just  medicine cabinet and get the clutter off of the counter top

15 - Add shelves and baskets inside the vanity.  Bathroom vanities are often these big cavernous spaces that aren't well designed for storage.  Add a shelving system and baskets to keep toiletries organized and tucked away

16 - Benefits of wallpaper.  If you have a long and narrow hall from the entry to the main living space, take advantage and wallpaper it (nothing too over the top) but a tone on tone pattern or illusion of texture like barn wood or silk would add some visual interest and would be a great art piece but again without the bulk of frames


17 - Go custom.  Look into closet systems for your front hall.  The front hall closet will play many roles - your coats, guest coats, dry cleaning drop off and pick up; sport equipment and maybe items needed for work - a custom closet might be worth it an there are many affordable options out there. Even just adding a second rod can do wonders

18 - Don't forget a furniture piece for the front entry, in a small space you will have a get creative - floating shelving, a set of stools, a sofa table are great options for a front hall in a small space and have a plan for key and mail - eliminate that everyday clutter

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