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Friday, November 15, 2013

Modern Baby

Even nurseries are getting modern.  I remember looking for items for my nurseries and it was tough to find items that were multi functional, cool and worked in smaller spaces.

If you are currently expecting or know someone who are some fabulous  modern baby finds....

High chair
This can be converted into so many things (chair for older children, step stool, a play chair) but what i really love about this high chair is that it allows the baby/toddler to sit at the table comfortably with the rest of the family

Minui HandySitt Chair (Birch/black)

 Wall decals
Are a great way to fill up the wall space and n a safe way, no worries about frames falling from the sky! And there are so  many to choose from plus some sites offer customizing

Blik Race Ya Re-Stik Wall Decal

This bath is perfect.  It is awesome for newborns.  it fits in the sink and it stores flat and it dries quickly.

 Puj Baby Tub (White)

 This bookcase is perfect for a smaller space.  A bedroom or playroom.  It holds up to 100 books.  It comes in white and green. It's only 6" deep so it doesn't take up a lot of room.

Tree Bookcase

 This elephant stool is playful but with a modern spin.  It's made of plastic so it's easy to clean.  it would be fantastic in a child's room or a playroom or just a fun addition to the family room

Eames Elephant

Play station
this is another genius items that be converted into a chalk table top, toddler play station, activity table and more.

 Bobbin Triple Play Centre - Sea

 It's so nice to rock your baby to soothe them to sleep and a new parent will be spending lots of time in a rocker or glider.  This glider is comfortable, ergonomic and stylish and can easily be moved into a bedroom, living room etc....

Modern Kipling Glider

4 in 1 bed
this bed is a great investment as it is designed to be a infant crib, toddler crib, toddler bed and junior bed and it comes in 3 different finishes for you to choose from

Leander Crib

Change Table that can turn into a desk
You can customize the finish, you can adjust the height so that it is comfortable for you, you also have room for storage and the contour changing pad fits beautifully on the left side allowing for room for wipes and other necessities that you need right at your finger tips.

Leander Changing Table

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