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Friday, November 8, 2013

Wow - Wreaths!

The Christmas season is only weeks away!  Have you thought about how you want to decorate for the season?  I've seen some incredible wreaths out there and I love the way a wreath adds some colour, sparkle and shine to the exterior of the home.

Check out these amazing wreaths...maybe they will inspire you to do something really special this year...Take a look at the various items you have around the house - citrus, wood bark, cinnamon sticks, piping, coffee filters, feather boas and make a beautiful wreath for your door

Modern PVC Wreath -I love the clean and simple lines of this wreath - Christmas baubles optional!

 massive diy christmas wreath

Birch Wood Wreath - rustic and really fabulous - love the Christmas country look

 Birch Wood Wreath

Coffee Filter Wreath - simply stunning

 Coffee Filter Wreath

Cookie Cutter Wreath - so fun!

 20 best christmas wreaths - LOVE cookie cutter one for kitchen!

Feather Boa Wreath - a little sexy but certainly festive

feather boa wreath ...

 Pretty paper wreath - craft paper, glue, ribbon and a cardboard circle can make a festive and fun wreath

Paper Wreath

Cinnamon stick wreath - smells amazing and has a  simple rustic look, add any ribbon you like

cinnamon sticks wreath is easy to make using a piece of hidden cardboard that you glue the sticks to (a foam circle works also). Use a piece of country fabric for a hanger and top off with a bow!!--So Simple!!!

Mitten door hanger - a great alternative to a wreath, looks great inside and out.

mittens with spruce and berries!

Snowman wreath - perfect for a family home - the kids will love it! It's so cute!

 Winter wreath ~

Marshmallow wreath - looks contemporary and cool, I love the texture but all in one colour - winter white.

 A list of 70 rather unique wreaths... starting with this one made out of marshmallows :)

Fabric wreath - if you are a sewer or quilter and have extra fabric this would be perfect for you!

 Christmas fabric wreath

Snow and pine cone wreath - a bit of a country feel and again perfect for the whole winter season

 DIY::  Pine cone & Burlap Wreath...very pretty

Silver snowflake wreath - another simple sparkly decor piece, great for the whole winter not just Christmas

 Snowflake wreath - glue together 9 Target snowflake ornaments, glue a sparkle gem to center of each snowflake

Christmas Popcorn Wreath - 23 Great DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas
The popcorn wreath  - so fun and inexpensive plus the kids will have a blast!

The Candy Cane sun burst - what a great use of candy canes, plus it has a bit of a modern look and feel

modern xmas wreath made out of red and white striped straws

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