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Monday, October 28, 2013

DIY Project - Slim End Tables

So I was working on a model condo suite recently and like most condos it was a smaller space. We were able to have a good size sofa which provided lots of seating but because of the larger sofa we had to get creative with the end tables.  So we looked around for something that had a long and lean look but that still fit with the over style we had in the condo suite.  It was a challenge.

So we did what we usually do and got creative.

We found some over sized, tall and clear glass vases at HomeSense.  We also found some great faux flowers and branches.  With some arranging and some twisting we were able to have a modern yet soft looking floral set up and we placed the vase upside down, so it covered the floral piece.  It has a weightless and modern look, you get the surface space (we need for lamps to provide extra lighting) without the bulk

This is an easy and very cost effective way to get truly unique end tables.  You can also put seasonal items like pumpkins and gourds inside.  You could go 'old lady' vintage with stacked tea cups, wood sculpture or candle sticks would also look great.  You get some surface space for a glass of wine or a lamp, too.  The clear glass makes it look and feel weightless, too.

Although not the best shot you can see the lamp sitting on the end table made of a clear vases.

This is great for condos or really any tighter space that could use some end tables.  A spare bedroom is an ideal location, too.

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